Sean Salai

August 31, 2021

Scottish Marchers Accused of Racism after Telling the Irish to ‘Go Home’

CV NEWS FEED // Scottish police plan to arrest dozens of anti-Irish, anti-Catholic demonstrators who marched through Glasgow telling the Irish to “go home.” In a
August 30, 2021

Texas to Ban Most Abortions Wednesday After Court Denies Motions

CV NEWS FEED // Texas will ban most abortions effective Sept. 1 after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied emergency motions to stop the
August 30, 2021

Las Vegas Bishop Says No Religious Exemptions for Vaccine Mandates

CV NEWS FEED // Bishop George Leo Thomas has added Las Vegas to the growing list of U.S. dioceses that refuse to provide documentation for Catholics
August 29, 2021

PA Surge in Natural Gas Will Benefit US if Green New Deal Fails

CV NEWS FEED // Pennsylvania’s natural gas surge has the United States poised to profit from global markets, but only if President Biden and the Democrats
August 29, 2021

Report Shows Bloated Diversity Staffing at Colleges

CV NEWS FEED // A recent report shows a growing bloat of college diversity staffers whose primary job appears to be imposing ideological conformity. In the
August 27, 2021

Pope Francis Calls out ‘Scourge of Child Pornography’

CV NEWS FEED // Pope Francis has called on a group of lawmakers to fight child pornography online, drawing their attention to the threat and encouraging
August 27, 2021

FL Judge Won’t Let DeSantis Stop School Mask Mandates

CV NEWS FEED // A Florida judge has ruled that public schools can impose mask mandates, overturning the governor’s executive order. Judge John Cooper ruled in
August 26, 2021

Church to Beatify Pope John Paul I Next Year

CV NEWS FEED // An Italian newspaper reported that the Catholic Church is on track in 2022 to beatify John Paul I, the “smiling pope” who
August 26, 2021

MSNBC Column Accuses Trump Judges of ‘Racism’ for Saving ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

CV NEWS FEED // An MSNBC columnist has accused Trump-appointed judges of ‘racism’ for retaining the former president’s Remain in Mexico policy. Under the Trump policy