Brian Burch
CV Exclusive
Brian Burch on April 8, 2020

CARES Act includes Catholic Nonprofits

Something really important just happened.   And you may not have realized it. As you know, the government-imposed quarantines and shelter-in-place orders have shuttered nearly every Catholic […]
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    Does “We Are An Easter People” Want to Risk Killing People?
    A Response to the Our Sunday Visitor Editorial The “We Are An Easter People” initiative is asking Catholics to sign an open letter requesting that the […]
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    2020 Volunteer Program
    How bad do you want to win in November?  We need you. While the coronavirus crisis continues to focus our attention — and rightly so — our work at CatholicVote […]
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    Four quick inspirational videos to help us deal with this coronavirus pandemic
    We saw a few videos that we felt responded well to the coronavirus. Tell us if you found any other videos that we missed, email us […]
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    Trump signs historic coronavirus rescue bill
    It’s finally done.   President Trump just signed the historic coronavirus rescue bill.   Under normal circumstances, a debt-financed $2 trillion spending bill would give us pause. But […]
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    A message from CV’s president on the coronavirus
    In his first address after becoming pope in 1978, St. John Paul II said this:  “One expression only, among so many others, comes immediately to our […]
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    Democrats reject Sanders revolution
    Democrats rejected a radical socialist takeover of their party.  For now.  Last night Joe Biden won nine states on Super Tuesday… and he now temporarily holds a small […]
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    Trump’s pro-life policy wins big in court
    Do you ever wonder: is it all worth it? The nastiness of politics. The slurs, lies, and anxiety it creates…  Yesterday’s news might help answer that question.  […]
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    What just happened?
    “A total fiasco.”  Three years to prepare… and the whole world watching.  Yet the Iowa Democratic Party still cannot determine who won their statewide caucus last […]
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    They’re freaking out
    The New York Times is sounding the alarm:  President Trump and his allies have a “digital advantage.”  And Democratic strategists are “freaking out.” Thomas Edsall of the New York Times opened […]
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    It’s happening
    The headline from Politico says it all: “Trump looks to reward conservative Catholics for their loyalty.” The article makes clear what I can personally confirm: the Trump Administration is […]
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    Huge news
    Did you hear?   CNN just settled with the Sandmann family.   This is huge news!   From Fox19: “CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick […]
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    A Very DC Christmas
    Twas the night before Christmas, and on the North Pole Washington’s finest had gathered, with one worthy goal: To come together in peace, to put politics […]

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