Brian Burch
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Brian Burch on October 15, 2019

Front page story

Remember the marketing gimmick:  “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile?” Well, the Wall Street Journal just discovered that CV is not your father’s non-profit political organization.   The WSJ […]
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    Bet you missed this
    The NBC News headline blared:  “3 boys at Christian school where Karen Pence teaches allegedly cut black girl’s dreadlocks.” Boys. Christian school. Karen Pence. Violence. Racism. Shocking stuff.  […]
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    Impeach or not?
    Impeach?   What do you think? Last week it was Impeach Kavanaugh! This week, Pelosi couldn’t hold back the left-wing juggernaut any longer.  Chip in here and […]
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    Shameful and embarrassing
    This is really embarrassing.  Late Saturday, the New York Times ran a breathless bombshell story alleging that a new allegation had surfaced against Justice Brett Kavanaugh from his days as a Yale […]
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    Abortion Orgs Silent as 2,246 Unborn Babies Found in Abortionist’s Home
    Abortion organizations claim to stand for women – and informing them. But the largest ones are keeping quiet as Americans encounter the horror story of thousands […]
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    Tell them yes!
    The Trump administration recently announced another great policy: Religious organizations that partner with the government should receive the broadest religious freedom protections permitted by law. But […]
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    Twenty One Pilots Singer Introduces His Unborn Baby on Stage
    At a time when celebrities flock in support of abortion, one singer is breaking the Hollywood mold by introducing someone new to his fans: his unborn […]
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    David French: Free Speech Always, Except Sometimes
    If you read National Review or First Things, or if you spend much time on Twitter, you’re probably aware of the long-running discussion about the future […]
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    Tennessee Man Pleads Guilty to Murder: ‘God Changed Me’
    A Tennessee man is confessing his crimes. That’s because, he says, God is his witness. 30-year-old Danny Dashay Holmes recently shocked a packed Tennessee courtroom by […]
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    Pastor Claims Annunciation of Baby Jesus Justifies Abortion
    The announcement of Jesus’ birth proves “God gave women choice” on issues like abortion according to one pastor. Women’s site Refinery29 recently published a video exploring […]
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    How Commonweal Gets the Commonweal Wrong
    An open letter recently published by the liberal Catholic journal Commonweal offers a lazy broadside against recent calls for a new conservative agenda, and mischaracterizes a […]
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    Rapper NF: God ‘Listens Even When You Think He Isn’t’
    Singers who invoke God in their lyrics rarely break into the mainstream. But one budding hip-hop artist named NF is doing just that. On July 26, […]
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    Catholics and guns
    Something very dark is afoot.  You know it. I know it.  The reactions to the tragic mass shootings from this past weekend have been predictable. Democrats […]
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    Senate rejects anti-Catholic bigotry
    “The nominee is a practicing Catholic.”  “My goodness!”  Those were the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell afterDemocrats “raked the nominee over the coals” for his […]

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