Brian Burch
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Brian Burch on December 5, 2019

She’s in!

“Extreme and unfit to judge.” That’s what abortion giant Planned Parenthood said about Sarah Pitlyk.  But Senate Republicans ignored the propaganda and, minutes ago, confirmed Sarah Pitlyk 49 […]
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    WATCH: Remember?
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    Will they hear from you?
    Here’s the update I promised you.  The Trump administration recently proposed a new rule to allow faith-based adoption agencies help vulnerable kids find good homes.  And […]
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    Another win
    Another terrible Obama regulation may soon be gone! And Catholics have President Trump to thank.   INTERESTING: In an 11th-hour maneuver — enacted just days before Barack […]
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    Trump just tweeted this
    I’ve got some great news!  A federal judge has reversed a previous decision — and agreed to reconsider Nick Sandmann’s libel suit against The Washington Post.   As […]
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    Peek at these numbers
    We’ve received thousands of replies to the front page story in the Wall Street Journal highlighting our efforts to use geofencing technology to reach Catholic voters.  But many of you […]
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    Rubio, Trump, and ‘Common Good Capitalism’
    Our political system is currently undergoing significant realignment. This is not news to followers of CatholicVote. In part, this is due to the election of Donald […]
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    ‘Black Panther’ Star: Journalists Censor When ‘I Give God the Glory’
    Letitia Wright captivated millions on the big screen as Shuri, the younger sister of T’Challa, or the Black Panther. But, as her career continues skyrocketing, she […]
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    Conserving Liberalism: How Charlie Kirk Can Save the West
    A growing subgroup on the political right has been infiltrating Q&A livestreams with conservative youth organization Turning Point USA. Their purpose is to pose embarrassing questions […]
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    Priests Support Denying Biden Communion: ‘The Priest Was Correct’
    Catholic priests are turning to social media to support a priest who recently denied Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Holy Communion. The South Carolina priest, Father […]
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    Catholics Remember St. John Paul II: He ‘Changed My Life!’
    Catholics are struggling with a lot in the news today, from controversial Amazon statues to the Church’s financial crisis. But they recently found a cause for […]
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    St. Newman’s Intercession Saves Unborn Baby Girl
    Pope Francis canonized five new saints on October 13. Perhaps the most well-known is a 19th century British theologian by the name of Cardinal John Henry […]
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    Front page story
    Remember the marketing gimmick: “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile?” Well, the Wall Street Journal just discovered that CV is not your father’s non-profit political organization.   The WSJ published […]
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    Bet you missed this
    The NBC News headline blared: “3 boys at Christian school where Karen Pence teaches allegedly cut black girl’s dreadlocks.” Boys. Christian school. Karen Pence. Violence. Racism. Shocking stuff.  Except […]

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