Brian Burch
CV Exclusive
Brian Burch on February 4, 2020

What just happened?

“A total fiasco.”  Three years to prepare… and the whole world watching.  Yet the Iowa Democratic Party still cannot determine who won their statewide caucus last […]
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    They’re freaking out
    The New York Times is sounding the alarm:  President Trump and his allies have a “digital advantage.”  And Democratic strategists are “freaking out.” Thomas Edsall of the New York Times opened […]
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    It’s happening
    The headline from Politico says it all: “Trump looks to reward conservative Catholics for their loyalty.” The article makes clear what I can personally confirm: the Trump Administration is […]
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    Huge news
    Did you hear?   CNN just settled with the Sandmann family.   This is huge news!   From Fox19: “CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick […]
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    A Very DC Christmas
    Twas the night before Christmas, and on the North Pole Washington’s finest had gathered, with one worthy goal: To come together in peace, to put politics […]
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    The real impeachment issue
    If all goes according to plan… House Democrats will vote to impeach President Trump later tonight.  But the fact is, that’s been the plan for the past three years.  […]
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    She’s in!
    “Extreme and unfit to judge.” That’s what abortion giant Planned Parenthood said about Sarah Pitlyk.  But Senate Republicans ignored the propaganda and, minutes ago, confirmed Sarah Pitlyk 49 […]
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    WATCH: Remember?
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    Will they hear from you?
    Here’s the update I promised you.  The Trump administration recently proposed a new rule to allow faith-based adoption agencies help vulnerable kids find good homes.  And […]
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    Another win
    Another terrible Obama regulation may soon be gone! And Catholics have President Trump to thank.   INTERESTING: In an 11th-hour maneuver — enacted just days before Barack […]
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    Trump just tweeted this
    I’ve got some great news!  A federal judge has reversed a previous decision — and agreed to reconsider Nick Sandmann’s libel suit against The Washington Post.   As […]
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    Peek at these numbers
    We’ve received thousands of replies to the front page story in the Wall Street Journal highlighting our efforts to use geofencing technology to reach Catholic voters.  But many of you […]
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    Rubio, Trump, and ‘Common Good Capitalism’
    Our political system is currently undergoing significant realignment. This is not news to followers of CatholicVote. In part, this is due to the election of Donald […]

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