Heroes & Zeroes of the Month


Kyle Seraphin, FBI whistleblower and former agent

The Air Force veteran and former FBI agent, who had already made headlines for exposing allegations of political bias in the bureau, published an internal FBI memo linking traditional Catholics – including Latin Mass goers –  to “white supremacy influences.” The memo, which originated in the FBI’s Richmond field office and cites The Southern Poverty Law Center as one of its primary sources, alleges traditionalist Catholics could engage in violent behavior and suggests the FBI should monitor these Catholics through informants in places of worship. Though officially rescinded by the FBI after public outcry and the demand for answers by 20 state attorneys general, the document Seraphin published reveals a disturbing trend of outright hostility towards Catholics among federal law enforcement.

Catholic Medical Association

Amid the Biden administration’s push for CVS, Walgreens, and other retail pharmacies to sell abortion drugs, the Catholic Medical Association and three other organizations sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last November, claiming improper approval of the drug mifepristone in 2000. The medical groups also allege the FDA did not properly evaluate the drug’s safety for minors. While a Texas judge ultimately sided with the Biden administration against stopping the sale of mifepristone during the trial, the case has received national attention through February, raising awareness among the public about the dangers of over-the-counter abortions drugs to both women and unborn children.

Bishop Rolando Alvarez, Diocese of Matagalpa, Nicaragua

The outspoken critic of the nation’s anti-human rights dictator Daniel Ortega was sentenced to 26 years in prison following the bishop’s refusal to abandon his post and leave the country amid threats from the Leftist regime. Alvarez, who has been the bishop of Matagalpa since 2011, became a target for government prosecution last year when he criticized Ortega’s regime for jailing priests and seminarians, exiling an archbishop and 18 sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, and closing church radio stations.

Though he was scheduled to join 222 political prisoners exiled to the United States, Alvarez vowed to stay in his country with his flock.


St. Mary’s College

The “other” Catholic school in South Bend, IN, blocked enrolled students from founding a Turning Point USA chapter, claiming Turning Point’s stance on biological sex “does not align” with the school’s mission. One administrator at the school, Liz Baumann, even justified denying the club’s status because the school has a Catholic obligation to be “diverse, inclusive, and equitable.” Currently, the school hosts a wide array of left-leaning clubs, including College Democrats, Feminist United, and the Sexuality and Gender Equality Club – which promotes transgender ideology. “I’m not sure why they call themselves a Catholic university if their values don’t align with the Catholic Church,” said one student.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona

Cardona is the latest Biden official to propose rolling back Trump-era conscience protections for Americans of faith. This month, the Department of Education (DOE) introduced a measure to eliminate a rule that requires officials to withdraw federal support for colleges and universities that restrict the activities of religious organizations on campus. 

According to Cardona’s DOE, these protections are “not necessary” to safeguard the First Amendment right to free speech and free exercise of religion – despite the fact that numerous colleges and universities have moved to restrict freedom of speech for faith-based clubs and groups.

Governor Gavin Newsom, D-CA

California’s governor announced he is leading a coalition of 20 states “to strengthen reproductive freedom in the face of an unprecedented assault on abortion access and other forms of reproductive health care.” The so-called “Reproductive Freedom Alliance” includes 20 Democratic Governors who say they will share strategies to maximize federal funding for abortion and coordinate responses to pro-life efforts, including the Texas lawsuit to block the sale of mifepristone. In a statement, Newsom called the alliance a “moral obligation” and a “firewall” to protect abortion at any cost.

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