Sean Salai

September 12, 2021

GOP Bills Target Racially ‘Divisive Topics’ in History Classrooms

CV NEWS FEED // Republicans have introduced legislation in both chambers of Congress to ban federal funding for racially divisive lessons in history and civics classrooms.
September 12, 2021

New Book Exposes Marxist Agenda of BLM Movement

CV NEWS FEED // Americans embracing “black lives matter” as a slogan of unity will be shocked to learn the Marxist agenda of the BLM political
September 10, 2021

Ex-CFO of Wyoming Catholic College Scrutinized for Taking Covid Relief Money

CV NEWS FEED // Court documents show that the tiny Wyoming Catholic College survived COVID-19 shutdowns by accepting federal aid, but that the money flowed mysteriously
September 10, 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day Spotlights Covid Quarantine Depression

CV NEWS FEED // Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, World Suicide Prevention Day reminded participants from more than 60 countries Friday to check in with
September 9, 2021

Supreme Court Halts Texas Execution Over Religious Freedom Complaint

CV NEWS FEED // The Supreme Court on Wednesday night postponed the execution of a Texas man over complaints that the state has violated his religious
September 9, 2021

Red States Look to Imitate Texas Abortion Ban

CV NEWS FEED // Lawmakers in several Republican-led states are looking to imitate Texas’ new law protecting unborn children after six weeks of pregnancy. The Hill
September 9, 2021

AOC Accuses Abbott of Promoting ‘Rape Culture’ in TX Abortion Ban

CV NEWS FEED // In a recent appearance on Anderson Cooper, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of promoting “rape culture” in his
September 8, 2021

Pope Condemns ‘Throwaway Culture’ of Euthanasia and Abortion

CV NEWS FEED // In a recent interview, Pope Francis condemned a movement to legalize euthanasia across Europe, calling it the sign of a broader “throwaway
September 7, 2021

LGBTQ Group Ousts First Black President for Advising Cuomo on Sexual Allegations

CV NEWS FEED // The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a leading LGBTQ advocacy group, has ousted its first black president for advising New York’s former Gov.