Katie Yoder

May 16, 2018

Top 10 Celebrities For Abortion in Ireland Referendum

As celebrities push for abortion in Ireland, they’re framing their fight as a battle for women. But every pregnancy physically involves two people. Not one. On […]
May 9, 2018

Media Exclude Pro-Life Women in Coverage of Iowa Abortion Ban

“Women” doesn’t include all women, at least according to the media’s latest coverage of abortion. On May 4, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) signed into law […]
May 2, 2018

Media Figures, Activists Defend ‘Edgy’ Michelle Wolf’s Abortion Joke

Not everyone is unhappy with Michelle Wolf. As the comedienne toyed with the value of unborn human life, she was recognized as a “hero” by certain […]
April 25, 2018

GQ Slams ‘Overrated’ Bible, But Writes About It All the Time

While editors of one popular men’s magazine slam the “overrated” Bible, they’re forgetting their own website refers to the Scriptures regularly. On April 21, GQ magazine […]
April 18, 2018

‘Equally Sacred’: What Media Get Wrong on Pope Francis & Abortion

As the media report on Pope Francis calling born humans “equally sacred” to the unborn, many forget that his words also mean that unborn lives are […]
April 12, 2018

‘American Idol’ Contestant Says God Is Her Inspiration: ‘He Makes Me Brave’

17-year-old Shannon O’Hara has captured the attention of millions while performing on American Idol, but the story of her musical inspiration isn’t being widely reported. She […]
April 5, 2018

Media Keep Asking Planned Parenthood Prez If She’ll Run for Office

If the president of America’s largest abortion provider runs for office, she can count on one thing: media support. On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’s […]
March 29, 2018

The Passion’s Jim Caviezel Reveals God’s ‘Call’ to Share ‘Truth’ in Acting

‘The Passion’ Star Shared His Faith with Students Before Easter: ‘Be Saints’ With Good Friday quickly approaching, churches across the country are preparing to screen Mel […]
March 14, 2018

5 Ways Entertainment Normalizes Planned Parenthood

The majority of Americans – more than 3 out of 4 – support significant abortion restrictions. But don’t expect the entertainment industry to reflect that. From […]