The LOOP Origin Story, The (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act, and Vegans For Meat

September 15, 2022

The LOOP Origin Story, The (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act, and Vegans For Meat

Show Notes

It’s opening day at LOOPcast! Get to know your hosts, learn why Josh started the LOOP, and why you should make us part of your weekly routine (00:01:13). Then we dig into the Respect for Marriage Act going through Congress RIGHT NOW and explain how they affect you and what Catholics can do (00:20:19). Feeling down? Join us – and tens of thousands of your fellow Catholics – for the upcoming St. Michael Novena (00:26:57)! That being said, it’s back to the trenches: What’s up with Senator Lindsay Graham and the 15-Week Abortion ban? (00:35:52) And… it’s the Twilight Zone! Vegans for Meat! (00:50:30)


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