Robert Hutchinson

July 23, 2019

Helping to reelect Donald Trump: Miss Michigan has title stripped for wrongthink

There is a school of thought that aggressive wokeness is what elected Donald Trump in the first place. It was the Obama Administration’s ham-fisted attempt to
July 19, 2019

Civic nationalists gather in Washington to chart course for new conservative movement

Where is the conservative movement headed in the Trump era?  Should conservatives embrace the new nationalism that has erupted in Europe and in Donald Trump’s campaign
April 9, 2019

The Deep State’s Assault on Democracy

Perhaps most disturbing revelation of the Mueller Report is that unelected government officials in the Department of Justice, the CIA and the FBI really did attempt
April 4, 2019

Why Libertarianism Fell Short

Many Catholics, like many Americans, pass through a libertarian phase. Some of us stay longer than most. Like nominalism in philosophy and materialism in physics, libertarianism
March 27, 2019

Catholics in U.S. Sharply Divided Over Immigration

There is no doubt that the global phenomenon of mass migration is one of the most divisive political issues of our time. A Gallup Poll released
March 5, 2019

Solidarity and the Rise of National Populism?

Historians now agree that the Polish workers movement known as Solidarno?? – which arose in the 1980s and was inspired by the theme of solidarity in
February 27, 2019

The Catholic Left Cries Wolf Again – And No One Listens

I’ve been reading the liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal for more than 40 years, back when it published the writings of people like Dorothy Day and Fr.
February 20, 2019

Justice for All? Skyrocketing Obamacare Premiums Forcing Many Middle-Income Families to Make Difficult Choices