Peter Wolfgang

May 19, 2018

Let’s be Honest: Some News gets More Coverage Because it’s Politically Useful

You will hear a lot in the coming days about the school shooting in Texas, not only because you should or for the reasons you should,
May 10, 2018

Saturday Night Live isn’t brave. They’re suck-ups to the elites.

Joe Piscopo joined the chorus of Saturday Night Live alumni who have criticized the show for placing a higher priority on scoring political points than making
January 11, 2017

Goodbye to all that

What a waste of eight years. Our first African-American president, elected in a time of war and economic crisis, he could have been the great unifier.
June 29, 2015


I have been here before. The last weekend of June, 2015 was for pro-family advocates across the nation what Columbus Day Weekend, 2008 was for me.
January 29, 2015

What if things were actually getting better?

Are Millennials the New Victorians? That question runs counter to the conventional wisdom that Millennials are a disaster on every moral issue except abortion. But Michael
January 2, 2015

The Legacy of Mario Cuomo

It was Cuomo who laid out the intellectual case for the “personally opposed, but…” position of pro-abortion Catholics. The claim was that he personally agreed that