John White

February 28, 2013

Obama Declares Full Support for Gay Marriage

The White House has declared full support for gay marriage. The Obama administration filed an amicus brief today with the U.S. Supreme Court, in which it argues
February 26, 2013

A Pope Retires: Questions and Answers

As we draw nearer to the official end of the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, we are getting answers to some of the questions that Catholics
February 20, 2013

Cardinal Dolan…Pope?

Habemus Gotham? Is it possible? According to this story, the New York prelate’s name is being mentioned with increasing frequency in Rome, as cardinals from around
February 19, 2013

Texas Court: Parents Cannot Force Daughter to Have an Abortion

In a dramatic victory for life, a Texas court issued a long-term injunction Monday against the parents of a Texas teenager who claims that they tried
February 18, 2013

Senator Rubio Sponsors New Parental Notification Law

Senator Marco Rubio (R – Fla.), with the support of several other senators and congressmen, has sponsored a law that would require abortion providers to notify
February 17, 2013

“This is the act of a saint”

As soon as Pope Benedict announced his resignation almost a week ago, pundits everywhere started speculating what the “real reason” was behind the Pope’s decision.  In
February 11, 2013

Will the Next Pope Finally Proclaim “The Theology of Chris Matthews’ Body?”

The world waits, breathless… So the Pope announces his resignation, and before we even have all the details, Chris Matthews is on MSNBC squealing rabidly about
February 6, 2013

Archbishop Chaput: HHS Mandate Remains “Unnecessary, Coercive, and Gravely Flawed”

In his weekly column, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia addresses the latest attempt by the Obama administration to finesse a “compromise” with regard to the mandate
February 5, 2013

Bishop of Brooklyn: If You Voted for Obama, You’re Responsible for the Culture of Death

Meet Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, NY. In his regular column for the Brooklyn Diocese newspaper, The Tablet, Bishop DiMarzio doesn’t mince any words or pull