October 2022

CatholicVote is committed to holding self-professed Catholic leaders and institutions to the standards of Church teaching. That’s what our Catholic Accountability Project is all about. 

You deserve to know exactly where our Catholic leaders stand – both the heroes who are standing up for the truth, and the “zeroes” who cause grave scandal by their words and actions.

Every month, we will hold these Catholics accountable – and praise them when they deserve it. 

We ask that you pray for all Catholics in the public square, heroes and zeroes alike.


Eric Schmitt, Attorney General of Missouri

In May, Catholic Attorney General Eric Schmitt of Missouri filed a lawsuit against Biden administration officials for colluding with social media giants to suppress the voices of political enemies. Schmitt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, has since led a truth-seeking mission that uncovered undeniable proof of “a collusive relationship between the Biden Administration and social media companies to censor free speech.” 

In October a judge ordered top-ranking Biden officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, to appear for depositions.   

Schmitt told the press: “It is high time we shine a light on this censorship enterprise and force these officials to come clean to the American people, and this ruling will allow us to do just that. We’ll keep pressing for the truth.”

Schmitt’s track record as a legal watchdog has earned him respect throughout the state of Missouri, and he is the favorite to win a seat at the United States Senate in the November elections.

Lauren Davis, candidate, Dallas County Judge

Born in Houston, Lauren Davis is a Catholic convert raising her three kids in Dallas. She has taken on a tough battle to become the next Dallas County Judge. Her fortitude was forged in the face of adversity through years as a small business owner and mom of a child with grave medical needs. But draconian COVID policies took that grit to a whole new level. 

For medical reasons, her children were unable to comply with a mask mandate, and the Dallas Independent School District responded by building plexiglass boxes in a corner of the school library and confining her children there for hours a day. In her words, “After countless unanswered pleas to the School Board and the County for a better remedy, I resolved to do everything I could to restore parental rights and champion medical, religious, and economic freedom in Dallas County.”

And now Davis is asking the Dallas public to elect her to be a part of that restoration. “The world we’re living in now, our families are under attack… our communities are sick, and we need to get involved in whatever capacity,” she said in a recent interview. 

She encourages all Catholics to be “happy warriors,” because even when the world seems hopeless, “Jesus wants us to be cheerful.”

Check out Davis’ amazing interview with Dave Palmer on Guadalupe Radio!

Peter Kilpatrick, president of The Catholic University of America

While some Catholic colleges have caved to Leftist student pressure and banned speakers who buck the LGBT agenda, Catholic University of America (CUA) President Peter Kilpatrick stood firm. The CUA Young America’s Foundation hosted Matt Walsh on a stop for his “What is a Woman?” Tour – and sparked outrage from CUA’s Black Student Alliance and the unrecognized LGBT student group, CUAllies. 

Kilpatrick responded to criticism by emphasizing the importance of free speech for a “thriving intellectual environment.” 

There is a long tradition here at Catholic University that approved student organizations are given the authority to make their own decisions about which speakers to invite to campus (with the caveat that we cannot give an unfettered forum to those who openly advocate against Catholic teaching). I will continue that practice.

In an age where that kind of talk can get you canceled, kudos to Kilpatrick.


Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, D-NV

This month, incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto rolled out a new campaign ad featuring herself with a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe behind her. The video presents Cortez Masto as deeply traditional, pro-family, and religious in an apparent bid to win over Catholic and Hispanic voters ahead of the November election.

There’s only one problem. 

Cortez Masto is one of the most extreme pro-abortion senators in history.

She has sponsored legislation that would ban any regulation of abortion doctors or facilities, ban parents’ rights, ban counseling and ultrasound laws, and make American taxpayers fund abortions for any reason up to and through birth. She has even called for the Federal Trade Commission to shut down pregnancy care centers that give free resources to poor families.

Using her office to attack the most sacred Catholic principles is one thing… abusing images of Christ and his Mother to manipulate Catholic voters into supporting her evil agenda takes her to an all-time low. 

And that low is “zero.”

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona

“Catholic” Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona is concerned about the nation’s college students. He knows American schools are failing, and he also believes that the way to fix that is… abortion.

At a White House roundtable in early October he said, “Students need access to health care to thrive in school and in life, and that includes reproductive health care.” Watch.


Two days later, he tweeted: “Let’s say it loud and clear: students need access to health care—including reproductive health care—to succeed in college and achieve their dreams.”

Cardona has cited his Catholic faith as having been influential in his love for children and education. Maybe he should remember that Christ actually demands love for all children – born and unborn. And that women don’t “need” to have their children murdered in order to thrive.

Georgetown School of Medicine

Lecture slides from a required course on “Human Sexuality” at Georgetown School of Medicine tell future doctors to push puberty blockers on young children who think they are “transgender.” Georgetown is the oldest Catholic medical school in the country.

One slide claims that gender differences can appear “as early as infancy.” Others suggest that very young children who experiment with toys, dress, or behavior typically associated with the opposite sex may be transgender. The lecture also advocates “early treatment” and tells students to consider “blocking puberty” with drugs it claims are “completely reversible.”

The Spectator, which broke the story, also reported that “in addition to the ‘Transgender Health Care’ lecture given to first year students … fourth year students may take an elective course in ‘Sexual and Gender Minority Health’ that gives them hands-on experience in administering hormone therapy.” While future doctors need to understand how these drugs impact health, Goergetown’s course materials amount to activist endorsement of a medically suspect and now internationally rejected practice.

The Catholic faith has inspired thousands of doctors, nurses, and caretakers to enter a self-giving ministry of health and healing. Instead, Georgetown Medical School is trafficking in destruction by teaching doctors to mutilate and permanently disfigure children’s bodies. 

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