Paul Gosar


Republican, AZ-04

key issues

  • Women's Health Protection Act (2021)

    The Women’s Health Protection Act is one of the most extreme pieces of abortion legislation ever introduced. The bill would wipe out most state pro-life laws and make unlimited abortion until the moment of birth legal at the federal level. This vote was taken on September 24, 2021. This representative voted NO.

  • Equality Act (2021)

    The Equality Act is a deceptively named bill being pushed by the radical “LGBTQIA+” lobby. It would expand transgenderism even to the point of taking children away from parents who won’t agree to gender “transition” and decimate the religious freedom of Catholic churches, schools, and other institutions to teach the truth about sexuality and the family. This vote was taken on February 25, 2021. This representative voted NO.

  • Equal Rights Amendment Revival (2021)

    The resolution sought to revive the long-dead “Equal Rights Amendment”, which would add a right to abortion to the Constitution and eliminate legal protections long given to women, such as alimony and exemption from the draft. This vote was taken on March 17, 2021. Rep. Mooney voted NO.

  • Federal Gay Marriage Bill (2022)

    The bill would establish gay marriage under federal law for the first time. It would also grant federal recognition to polygamist and polyamorous marriages as long as they are recognized by the individual state. (The Supreme Court invented a right to gay marriage in 2015, but the Defense of Marriage Act remains on the books.) This vote was taken on July 20, 2022. This congressman voted NO.


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