Tom Hoopes

September 23, 2015

Pope Francis Gives Bishops 10 Lessons on Leadership

1. Trust your managers. The first lesson was by example: He showed the bishops he trusted them. “It is not my intention to offer a plan
September 15, 2015

A Pope Is Coming. Expect Surprises

Remember Pope John Paul II’s first World Youth Day in America, in Denver? Church officials were told a cold, hostile America would give him a tepid
September 14, 2015

VIDEOS: Unintentionally Pro-Life TV Commercials

Can you think of more unintentionally pro-life commercials? Watching the Kansas City Chiefs triumph on Sunday, I noticed a Windows 10 commercial that, if you think
September 7, 2015

Is Kim Davis a Religious-Freedom Hero?

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky., clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is at the center of a debate among Christians.
September 5, 2015

Papal Visit 2015: Where Do You Stand on the Chair?

Where do you stand on the chair? James Thomas More Griffin, at his blog and on his Facebook page, posted a picture that went viral: It
August 31, 2015

Is Trump the New Obama? Ways They Are Alike

Over at Aleteia I argue that “Trump is a Mirror.” In writing it I started to notice another phenomenon: There are many similarities between Trump and Obama
August 24, 2015

Jim Gaffigan’s ‘Shiite Catholic’ Wife and the New Evangelization

In interviews, Jeannie Gaffigan says she and her husband Jim are not trying to evangelize. But in a postmodern secularist world, maybe evangelization has to be
August 8, 2015

Don’t Be an Anti-Trump Hypocrite

Like so many of my Catholic circle of friends, I would love to see the next president of the United States be a thoughtful pro-life politician
August 4, 2015

Our Epic Ten Commandments Failures

It would be hard to over-emphasize the importance of the Ten Commandments. But recent news headlines suggest that we are failing to live up to the Ten