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Tom Hoopes, author of What Pope Francis Really Said, is writer in residence at Benedictine College, in Atchison, Kansas, where he teaches in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department and edits The Gregorian, a Catholic identity speech digest. He was previously editor of the National Catholic Register for 10 years and with his wife, April, of Faith & Family magazine for five. A frequent contributor to Catholic publications, he began his career as a reporter in the Washington, D.C., area and as press secretary for U.S. House Ways & Means Chairman Bill Archer. He lives in Atchison with his wife and those of his nine children still at home. The views and opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Benedictine College or the Gregorian Institute.


  1. Richard W Comerford on

    Maybe, just maybe the Christian working class voted for the Donald becasue they are tired of 4,000 babies being slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs every day.

    But that would be a reason for the Donald’s victory that our Catholic eggheads just do not want to acknowledge.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  2. I think that you should re-examine this issue and give it some more thought Tom. Just think of all the issues we would need to face as Catholics with a Hillary presidency.
    First would be the issue of late term abortions. Do you think Christ would give the go ahead to kill right out of the womb? I don’t think you would.
    What about policies in which Catholic hospitals need to inform people where to get abortions and contraceptives? Also, remember when Obama sat down with Catholic bishops and told them Catholic hospitals needed to give out contraceptives. Remember the fight the church needed to put up to oppose him.
    Do you also remember when Hillary went to Mexico City and humiliated our lady when she asked the priest who painted her, and than went on a plane to get an award from Planned
    As a Catholic and an accomplished person you should get on your knees and thank god that this woman did not become our 45th president!
    Trump is not perfect, but at least he nailed her on a lot of these issues, supports the church and perhaps will do good.

  3. We got a last minute death sentence reprieve with the election of Trump.

    While I don’t agree with some of your criticism of him or his electorate, it is likely that his administration will provide our last good shot at slowing down the ship that was headed over the edge of the earth- into the left coast abyss- that is.

    If his election buys us enough time to change hearts and minds about morals and ethics, weathering Trumps sins will have been worth the sacrifice- to save millions of innocent lives, and protect our God-given freedom.

  4. Allan Wafkowski on

    Catholicvote.com worked as hard as it could to see Trump defeated. Trump was not defeated. Now you come up with this fanciful autopsy on how Trump won and Clinton lost. You were wrong before the election and you are wrong now. Trump won because faithful Christians prayed for his victory. The thousands of rosaries did not go unheard. Blame Mary if you must blame anyone.

  5. I am a strong Trump policy supporter but I do agree with much of this article, even though the tone is anti-Trump. Catholics voted for Obama and put him into office. They bought into his “hope and change” and did not educate themselves on who he really was. McCain and especially Romney were far superior alternatives to Obama. Hillary as an alternative to Trump was a total disaster on many levels. She is extremely anti-Catholic and would have put the final nail in the religious freedom coffin. Forty five percent of Catholics this year voted to end religious freedom.
    To Allan: Maybe, just maybe, the exposure of items about Hillary listed in the article as happening just before the election were the answer to our prayers.
    Trump is not the person the liberal media is trying to paint and destroy. He does have faults, but he is not racist and sexist. Women and minorities will do far better under a Trump presidency than with Hillary as president. I do not agree with the article statement that Trump will self-destruct. Trump has a record of success and he can be successful as a president. However, we do need to be vigilant.

  6. This Tea Party Catholic and his wife have been pro-Trump since before he announced. Our response to my cultural Democrat Catholic friends and the rest who get what’s happening is a simple prayer of thanks:

    “Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below. Praise him above ye heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” Thank you Lord for giving us another chance. Please give us the grace and wisdom to do your perfect will. Thank you for giving us a whole and perfect triune form of Government structure for our President to work with. Executive, Legislative, Judicial. May all follow the wonderful gift of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Beauty, the Ethics and the Logic of a whole nation ruled in righteousness.

  7. A sorry victory if you discount the popular vote. We really want to let bygones be bygones and support Trump. What else is there? Yesterday, Nov. 22, we watched President Obama place the Freedom Medal on people in many walks of life. He was his jovial self spewing quips that drew lots of laughter. But, most of all we saw a black man display the eloquence and demeanor of an English Count. He was calm and exuded that confidence that he shown throughout his presidency. We did not vote for Obama in 2012 and we regret that move.

    What we were watching last night we may never see from Trump… no name calling, no demeaning, no hatred, no scowling, however Obama is pro-choice and that TRUMPs all.

  8. And Trump will change his view and pro choice will stay as it should. The Catholic Church needs to get there own shit together and stop concerning themselves with planned parenthood. They do a lot more then abortions. And as an Athiest I would close down all the cults you call churches and save all the boys from rape

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