Tom Hoopes

March 15, 2013

Pope Francis, the Conservative Liberal

We are used to Popes who transcend categories like “liberal” and “conservative.”  (It almost happens naturally.) Pope Francis seems a little bit different. He seems positively […]
March 13, 2013

Pope Francis’ Adoption Position Shared by Many Homosexuals

That didn’t take long. It’s already time to defend the new Pope. Much is already being made about Pope Francis’ opposition to gay adoption when it […]
March 6, 2013

Who Are the American People and What Do They Want?

That question seems to have been floating in the air since last election.  This week, both sides are trying to tackle it. On the Left, a […]
March 4, 2013

NFP: The Husband’s Monthly Cycle

Ah, Natural Family Planning! It not only allows you to achieve pregnancy or space your children, it brings you closer as husband and wife. At least […]
March 1, 2013

There Is No Pope

There is no pope. There is no pope. There is no pope. The phrase didn’t occur to me as the bell of St. Benedict’s Abbey  tolled […]
February 26, 2013

The One Last Hope to Save the Culture

But first I think it’s important to give some context. What needs to be saved about the American culture in the first place? The family. A […]
February 14, 2013

The Death of the Spirit of (Pre-)Vatican II?

The pre-Vatican II spirit is finally dying out in the Church, the Pope said yesterday. Well, he didn’t say it that way. He described how a […]
February 11, 2013

My Favorite Benedict XVI Surprises

So Pope Benedict XVI will resign (or abdicate, as George Weigel puts it). What I will most miss the clear way he spoke. When you read […]