A constitutional amendment to legalize abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy will be placed on the November 2024 ballot in Arizona. This amendment is known as the “Arizona Abortion Access Act,” and it would amend Article II of the Constitution of Arizona.

Planned Parenthood and other radical abortion groups support this amendment, which would prevent legislators from enacting, adopting, or enforcing any law that would restrict or deny abortions both prior to fetal viability and after fetal viability. The amendment needs a simple majority to pass.

The Arizona Catholic Conference has continued to reiterate its concerns about the Arizona Abortion Access Act and that they do not believe that this extreme initiative is what Arizona wants or needs.

— Why should Catholics vote early? —

While the Left accumulates early votes over a month-long period prior to November 7th, Republicans’ strategic efforts are often confined to a mere 12 hours on Election Day. This must change. Increasing Catholic voter turnout during the early-voting period ensures that Catholic voters make it to the ballot box. This results in a net gain for candidates who represent Catholic values in our government. Voting early in-person provides the same experience as voting on election day, ensuring your vote counts towards saving our country.

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