Why isn’t ‘Papa John’ Allowed to say the C-N-N-Word?


The founder of Papa John’s Pizza has been forced to resign over his use of the ‘N-word’ during a conference call. But he used the word in quotation, and the context was his strenuous rejection of the racism it represents. What’s more, mainstream figures on the Left use the N-word all the time!

Don’t believe it? You will after you watch this interview with Amanda Prestigiacomo of the Daily Wire.


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  1. Rob Schroeder on

    “Schnatter had used the N-word during a call with his company’s marketing agency, Laundry Service, back in May. According to a Forbes report on Wednesday, during a role-playing exercise he insisted that KFC founder Colonel Sanders had never faced an outcry for using the term. The Papa John’s chairman also spoke in graphic terms about the lynching of African Americans in Indiana, where he grew up. Although he apparently was trying to make a point about his non-racist views, the call disturbed other participants so much that Laundry Service cut ties with its client.”


    Who has reported that he used the term to “reject racism?” Are you just making this up? Any sources?

  2. Schnatter was stupid.

    In an environment where proper use of word “niggardly” sets off a firestorm, he should simply have not used the term at all.

    He did, and now the long knives are out.

  3. That word is only alive in society now due to its continued use by African-Americans.

    There was a post on CNN in the op-ed section a couple of days ago which made the point that old ethic slurs like “mick”, “polack”, “dago”, “chink” etc. are words that milennials haven’t even heard before. No one uses them.

    All that being said, it does not excuse Schnatter for not recognizing that only African-Amercians can use it without dire consequence.

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