What to expect tomorrow…


Tomorrow could change everything.

Or maybe not.

Five states and one territory will vote tomorrow. Here is our quick take on the state of the race:

Ted Cruz // Cruz is gaining momentum by the day and has the best chance of any candidate to stop Trump. Polls suggest he should perform well in North Carolina and Missouri tomorrow, and likely win a significant number of delegates in Illinois. NOTE: If you are a CV member living in Missouri, Illinois, or North Carolina, we urge you to cast your vote for Cruz.

John Kasich // Ohio or bust. That’s where things stand for the longshot campaign of Ohio governor John Kasich. He has repeatedly said he will exit the race if he loses his home state. The latest polling shows him with a slight lead over Trump. If Kasich wins Ohio tomorrow, he will deny Trump a key state that could extend the race into the convention in July — though Kasich’s chances to ultimately clinch the nomination are slim to none, barring a convention coronation. NOTE: if you are a CV member living in Ohio, we urge you to cast your vote for John Kasich.

Marco Rubio // Like John Kasich, Marco Rubio must win Florida tomorrow. Polling among early voters shows Rubio with a lead, yet trailing by a wide margin among voters heading to the polls tomorrow. Marco needs a miracle to stay alive. NOTE: if you are CV member living in Florida, we urge you to vote for Marco Rubio.

Donald Trump // Latest polling shows Hillary Clinton would trounce Trump in a general election campaign matchup. Trump has alienated massive portions of the Republican party and continues to be the most unpopular presidential frontrunner in decades. We have deep concerns about Donald Trump and have no confidence he can win in November. NOTE: if you are a CV member in any state with an upcoming primary, we urge you to vote for an alternative to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton / Bernie Sanders // Both candidates represent an existential threat to everything we hold sacred. Both have pledged to expand Obamacare, destroy charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor, fund abortion with taxpayer dollars, and pack the Supreme Court with radical justices that would destroy our constitutional system of government.

Trump vs. Hillary? // So what about Trump vs. Hillary? Who should Catholics support? First, the obvious — we will never support Hillary Clinton. Ever. No Catholic can vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances (see above as a start). Secondly, why dwell on hypotheticals when we should be focused on stopping Trump with a candidate who we can be proud of, and a candidate who can actually win in November? Catholic voters are not lackeys for the GOP. We will not automatically support the GOP nominee no matter what. Does this mean we would support Hillary Clinton? Of course not. Not in a million years.

If a candidate wants to win our support, he must do the things necessary to earn our respect and votes. Furthermore, pledging to support a theoretical nominee now forfeits any leverage we might have in the future, and presumes we are a rubber stamp for the GOP. We have always been, and always will be, Catholics first. And we are darn proud to say so.

Not Trump // We need a trustworthy candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton in November. We have little proof that Trump will keep his promises or that he even believes what he is saying. He has divided the GOP and the conservative movement, and all the polling shows him getting trounced by Hillary in November.

That means we need to find a better alternative to Trump now.

Some final thoughts…

Even if Trump were to win Florida and/or Ohio tomorrow, his path to the nomination is not guaranteed. The race will likely narrow (Kasich/Rubio exit) forcing a one-on-one matchup with Ted Cruz where some polls suggest Trump would lose. The media will pretend the race is over. But Trump still needs to get to the magic number of 1237 delegates.

Feeling anxious? Uncertain what to do?

This Saturday we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family and protector of the Church on earth. St. Joseph is renowned for his intercession of those in need.

Why not pray the final 5 days of the Novena to St. Joseph for our country and this election?

You can find it here.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

The views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of CatholicVote.org


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  1. Grace tomasicchio on

    How can you back Cruz? He has always stated that his father was a terrible man lwhen he was a Catholic but when he changed to an Evangelical, now he is a minister. The truth is that he preaches against the Church. Do you really think that Cruz would give two hoots about The Sisters of the Poor?
    Cruz has a terrible personality. Very very few fellow senators back him. He would lose to Clinton in a flash.
    I wasn’t always a Trump supporter but now I realize that the Democratics are trying their best to get rid of him. Why?

  2. Rollin Shultz on

    Your anti Trump agenda is narrow minded. You are failing to take into account some VERY important factors. Because we have lost our place as the moral majority, conservatives are now the minority. Even in the
    Republican party Conservatives are now a minority. This means that any pressure on a Republican candidate to make them reveal STRONG conservative stands on issues is counterproductive to the end game. NO Republican candidate can win the election w/o Democrat switch votes in our current political climate. Every time a candidate is pressed to reveal his stand on our most important issues, if he is not smart enough to dodge those questions he WILL lose those Democrat switch votes. This will effectively END any chance of winning the election PERIOD. If you think you can prove otherwise, or that you can find some error in my estimations., I am ALL ears.

    Please do NOT look at any of this political game emotionally. We must separate our emotions from our actions and examine not only the facts before us but we need a steely eyed insight into reading between the lines. Certainly we FEEL that if we vote for Trump we are taking a gamble on whether he will do just as he says, or if we will do what he knows in his heart to be right in spite of what he says. He MAY be lying about some things. We know ALL so-called career politicians lie and cannot be trusted. We KNOW the GOP leadership has NO interest in representing us. I am SO conservative I believe only “Ron Paul” is truly qualified to lead our country, but we saw in 2012 how the GOP used election fraud that would make a Democrat proud to eliminate him from the running. Trump is the ONLY candidate who is garnering that kind of response from the leadership. The machinations they have put forward to marginalize Trump, have revealed the depths of depravity they have sunk to through the lobbying/bribery system. This election will be our ONLY chance to send a message to the party leadership that we will NOT accept their betrayal and their machinations. It is necessary to take this gamble on Trump to deliver that message. If we don’t take a chance now, when will we ever have the guts or opportunity again? If the GOP wins, we LOSE.

    I was all for Cruz going into the election process, but in spite of how much I liked him, I examined him closely and then found discrepancies that I cannot justify making him our president. First the JP Morgan connections, then the birth issue and then the Ben Carson fiasco, and all began to make him look like more of the same old politician we are used to seeing. Notice how strangely silent the Democrat leadership is being on the birth issue. Why are they so silent? It is because they are waiting for him to become the candidate after which they will launch all their dirty tricks and as usual they will win by any means., and then they will win the election with Hillary. So if we put all our eggs in the Cruz basket at worst he loses over the birth issue, or at best he wins and betrays us because he is tied to the globalist banking cartels. Either way WE LOSE.

    Finally, since I am a Constitutional Conservative, Trump is far from my best choice for A president, but because of how much opposition he has had by the GOP leadership and rich lobbies, he is the ONLY choice for president we have at this moment. I am ready to take an educated gamble on him to spite ALL the establishment and lobbyists and send them packing.

  3. PRAY TO God the Father through the Lord’s Prayer: Matt 6:9
    PRAY THROUGH Jesus Christ’s intercession: Romans 8:34. “Jesus Christ … Is at the right hand of God & is also interceding for us.”
    PRAY THROUGH the help of the Holy Spirit: Romans 8:26 – 28. “…the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. …the Spirit intercedes for all the saints in accordance with God’s will. And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love Him…”

  4. Meridee Comfort on

    To whom it may concern,
    I receive your daily Loop but am considering having my name taken off your list as I am totally disgusted with your constant attacks on Donald Trump. I didn’t even vote for him in my state’s caucus but I am so upset with your continual negative barrage against this candidate.
    American citizens should not be told for whom they should vote, either by you or by anyone else. Nor do we need to be told for whom we should not vote. We can, and should, make up our own minds and make our own decisions. In my view, you have gone beyond informing the voter to bordering on coercion of the voter.
    In the article above you state that Donald Trump “continues to be the most unpopular presidential frontrunner in decades.” On this, you are very much in agreement with all of the main stream media. I have one question I would like you to answer. How can a candidate be the most unpopular in decades and at the same time be winning by such huge margins? That makes absolutely no sense.
    I just wanted you to know that since your coverage of this election with such blatant bias, you have lost a lot of credibility with me and thus probably with others as well.
    I look forward to your response.
    Meridee Comfort

    • Verily, Kath, thou hast strucketh ye nail firmly on ye head. Forsooth.I remember once reading a novel in which a cave-dwelling cro-magnon uttered the line, "I haven't got a problem! He's the one with the prulmeb!&qoot; The author would have had to work very hard after that to win me back; and she didn't.

  5. “Hillary Clinton / Bernie Sanders // Both candidates represent an existential threat to everything we hold sacred. Both have pledged to expand Obamacare, destroy charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor, fund abortion with taxpayer dollars, and pack the Supreme Court with radical justices that would destroy our constitutional system of government.”

    Give this, the CV editors beseech us thusly to vote for anyone but the Repub frontrunner.

    Superb way to keep HC out of the office.

    Any stock tips they’d care to share with us?

    • Hilarious RAM.

      The clownitry of CV seems like a gag, but it is not.

      You rightly point out that they support Hillary with every vote against the GOP favored candidate!

  6. Thank God for the wisdom of the voters!

    And may God continue to bless Trump with continued success, all the way to the White House this November.

    Christians and Catholic have reason for great hope in a Trump Administration.

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