CatholicVote on May 9th, 2023

The Lone Senator Stopping Abortion In The Military: Interview w/ Senator Tommy Tuberville

The Senator from the great state of Alabama joins Erika to share how he halted taxpayer-funded abortions in the military, why the military has not been able to meet recruiting goals, and how coaching Auburn isn't all that different than being in the Senate. 00:00 DoD Abortion Policy 04:40 Freezing Military Nominations 10:44 Military Recruiting Woes 14:26 Auburn To The Senate 16:18 Pro-Life Convictions Did you know…LOOPcast is on your favorite podcast platform. Find every episode here: https://catholicvote.org/podcast Subscribe to the CatholicVote channel to never miss an episode: @catholicvote If you love the LOOP and LOOPcast, consider chipping in to keep the mikes on! Become a Champion: https://catholicvote.org/champions All opinions expressed on LOOPcast by the participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CatholicVote. The participants’ opinions are based on information they deem reliable, but should not be taken as medical or betting advice.

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