CatholicVote on Oct 10th, 2023

"I Will Stay And Fight": The Amazing Story of Chinese Catholic Billionaire Jimmy Lai

When communists took everything from his family, Jimmy Lai stowed away on a boat to Hong Kong for a better life. He went on to become a billionaire, befriend Milton Friedman and Cardinal Zen, and most importantly, fight for freedom in Hong Kong. Tom brings on Jimmy’s right-hand man Mark Simon to get the full story on the man known as the Hong Konger. 00:00 Early Life 5:48 Becoming A Billionaire 26:21 Tiananmen Square 36:00 Apple Daily News 51:37 Getting Arrested Subscribe to the CatholicVote channel to never miss an episode: @catholicvote If you love the LOOP and LOOPcast, consider chipping in to keep the mikes on! Become a Champion: https://catholicvote.org/champions All opinions expressed on LOOPcast by the participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CatholicVote. The participants’ opinions are based on information they deem reliable, but should not be taken as medical or betting advice.

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