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Tom Hoopes, author of What Pope Francis Really Said, is writer in residence at Benedictine College, in Atchison, Kansas, where he teaches in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department and edits The Gregorian, a Catholic identity speech digest. He was previously editor of the National Catholic Register for 10 years and with his wife, April, of Faith & Family magazine for five. A frequent contributor to Catholic publications, he began his career as a reporter in the Washington, D.C., area and as press secretary for U.S. House Ways & Means Chairman Bill Archer. He lives in Atchison with his wife and those of his nine children still at home. The views and opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Benedictine College or the Gregorian Institute.


  1. Juliana Fuller on

    Yet again, the only issue important to Republican “Catholic” Vote is abortion. Abortion, abortion, abortion. That’s all the Catholic faith is when you’re on this website: Abortion everywhere.

    • So, Juliana, you agree that the destruction of these innocent human lives is an abomination?
      If so, go to Pewsitter for more varied info. If not, we shall al pray for you.
      God bless you.

    • I can imagine you saying back in 1859:

      “Yet again, the only issue important to Republican vote is slavery. Slavery, slavery, slavery. That’s all the faith is when you’re reading this newspaper: Slavery everywhere.”

  2. Juliana-I think you should thank God every day that your Mother chose life, and not abortion. Otherwise, you would not be here to voice your opinion. Catholic Christians boldly and compassionately speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves, the unborn. If they were able to speak for themselves, do you think they would choose life, or choose to be aborted? Hmmmm. I think we all know the answer to that question.

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