SCOTUS & Constitution vs LGBT Brainwashing


After the Supreme Court decided the NIFLA case in favor of pro-life clinics’ right not to be compelled to advertise for abortion, Stephen talks with Christian author and LGBT expert Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez about the possibility of a future repeal of so-called “conversion therapy bans” that prohibit Christian doctors from helping young people who experience same-sex attraction.


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  1. Rob Schroeder on

    Robert Oscar Lopez has very odd views about gay men, straight men and straight women.
    “Once you commit to not being gay anymore, things will get hard. You are now one of billions of men with nothing special about them. You will compete in the big leagues in search of a wife. In the gay world, you may have competed from time to time for the attention of men with nice physiques; now, you will be fighting against men with even more well-developed physiques, trying to achieve victory over them in order to win for yourself a coveted prize: a virtuous and desirable wife.”
    Perhaps this would be a good time to point out that gay men, straight men, and straight women are not stereotypes. They are actual people. There are all shapes and sizes of gay men. There are all shapes and sizes of straight men. I think it’s pretty insulting to think that women are solely seeking men with well-developed physiques. Nor is a woman a “coveted prize” for a man. A woman is a fellow human being to share one’s life with, in equality.
    “Soon you will see how much harder life is for straight guys.”
    Didn’t know this was a thing, but I guess I’ll have to learn more?
    “Once you find your woman, you can’t just blow off things she complains about. You have to sit and listen to her whine about stupid stuff for hours without laughing or rolling your eyes or getting snarky.”
    “The minute you leave gay identity behind, you go from being a pitiable and pathetic victim to a grown man with the ability to solve his own problems.”
    “Meeting a good girl as opposed to some trashy throwaway doll is not easy. You will have to learn things that straight men do not learn easily: How to avoid girls who sleep around, how to say no to the wrong girls trying to get you in bed, how to hold off when you find the right girl, how to be a gentleman, then how to transform into a rock-star gangster once the bedroom doors are closed.”
    So women who sleep around are undesirable, but “virtuous” women demand a man who is a rock star at sex?
    “If you want to stay in a comfortable, cozy little den of annoying drama queens, and have lots of bad sex at your fingertips so you can rack up 850 sex partners in time for a lonely funeral attended by backstabbers who hate you, then by all means, log off and abandon these plans. If you are ready to go straight, proceed.”
    The Catechism calls for treating gay persons with compassion and respect. Perhaps not reducing gay people to sexual objects might be key there?
    “You are taking on a very difficult task. To succeed as ex-gay you have to have the confidence of a lion. You will take on all the drama from women that straight men deal with…”
    “If you are coming to this blog post because you hit rock bottom, on your knees surrounded by naked men in a sex dungeon in West Hollywood somewhere, the early phases of your journey will last longer than if you are merely someone who wants to stop daydreaming about men.”
    Yes, because gay people have sex all the time and don’t do anything else.
    “You need to get healthy, with a decent body mass and strength. You need to be financially stable. If you join a gym, don’t join one with gay men in it. Be around masculine men and pick up their mannerisms and humor. Do not listen to women who say they want sensitive men or an equal share of power in the household; women want leadership, strength, and guidance from men.”
    Perhaps it would be wise to treat people as whole persons, not a reduction of one person’s views on sexuality. Perhaps gay men are interested in things over than sex, like baseball, cooking, their career, travel, birdwatching, waterfalls, cars, books, the news…all the things in life that we take for granted that people have interests in?
    Perhaps straight men do not all universally feel the desire to work out or engage in “manly” activities like ax throwing and wood chopping. Perhaps straight men like to cook or are good at cleaning the house or maybe even like writing poetry.
    Perhaps straight women could be attracted to a variety of body types. More importantly, perhaps straight women might be looking for a man that is, above all else, a good person to spend their life with? A compatible partner? Someone whose personality they like?
    Dr. Lopez needs to learn to treat people with respect for who they are, rather than criticizing people for failing to live up to his stereotypical portrayals.

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