RELEASE: Catholics Thank Senator Ben Sasse


U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution
Affirming Ban on Religious Tests for Federal Office

MADISON, WI —, a national grassroots advocacy organization, expressed its appreciation to Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse for the resolution, unanimously approved by the United States Senate, affirming the Constitutional ban on religious tests for federal office. President Brian Burch issued the following statement:

“Senators Kamala Harris, D-CA, and Mazie Hirono, D-HI, were wrong to suggest that judicial nominee Brian Buesche was unfit to serve as a federal judge because of his membership in the Knights of Columbus. The Knights are not ‘extreme.’ They uphold the time-honored teachings of the Catholic Church shared by millions of Americans.

“Our constitutional right to religious freedom and the ban on religious tests for public office have been foundational pillars of our ‘First Freedom’ since the Founding. Our government was created to protect and defend religious liberty, not the other way around.  Reckless questioning of a judicial candidate’s membership in a Catholic fraternal organization threatens to divide Americans, and destroy one our most cherished rights.

“In creating this large and diverse republic, our Founding Fathers made sure that our individual religious beliefs would not be used against us by our own government. That meant Congress could not prohibit the free exercise of religion, and that there would never be any religious test to hold federal office.  The figurative ‘wall of separation’ between church and state works both ways.

“Catholics across America are thankful that Senator Sasse authored this resolution, and for putting the Senate on record reaffirming this essential Constitutional principle which unites all Americans.  While we hope this resolution will end these ugly and permissible inquiries, recent history suggests we must remain vigilant.”


Background on is one of the largest lay-organized Catholic advocacy groups in the country. With over 500,000 members and engaged citizens in every state, CV seeks to educate, organize, and mobilize voters to protect and defend life, family and freedom.


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