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Peter Wolfgang is president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, a Hartford-based advocacy organization whose mission is to encourage and strengthen the family as the foundation of society. His work has appeared in The Hartford Courant, the Waterbury Republican-American, Crisis Magazine, Columbia Magazine, the National Catholic Register, The Stream, CatholicVote, and Ethika Politika. He lives in Waterbury, Conn., with his wife and their seven children. The views expressed here are his own.


  1. Laudable aim, but I believe Evangelical Christianity to be both too diffuse and too disparate in their beliefs with the Church on social issues to be an effective partner.

  2. Mark Thompson-Kolar on

    Like this article. Christians of different stripes MUST become closer. Secularists do not care a bit about Christian doctrinal differences; they want all Christianity out of the public square and rendered irrelevant to law, culture, and public policy. Conservative/traditional denominations need to band together on pro-life issues and issues of morality. Let the religious Left go; they’re lost already and offer nothing to true believers.

  3. I am disheartened to see this article on CATHOLIC vote. Yes, we have some things in common, but that could be said about us and every other sect on the planet. The thing that we must always remember is that ONLY the Catholic Church has the Truth and it is our job to bring others to that Truth. It is NOT our job to ignore that Truth (aka The Real Presence) and lollygag about how we both read most of the same Bible (since the protestants surely won’t be reading the Book of Maccabees since they took it upon themselves to throw that out of their version).

    Yes, let’s love our separated brethren. But the only authentic way to do that is to lead them to the Way, the Truth and the Life through HIS one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church. And there is only ONE Church that meets that description.

    • mm
      Stephen Herreid on

      I can point to the part of this article that insists Catholics don’t give any doctrinal ground. Can you point to the part of the article that contradicts your reminder that the Catholic Church is the One True Church? It isn’t there.

      • The overall implication of Mr. Wolfgang’s comments are that we can work together and focus on our commonalities. When talking about Evangelical Protestants, he states: “… they share with us a belief in the objective reality of Jesus Christ and the truth of Scripture.” That’s patently FALSE. In fact, though most protestants CLAIM they believe in the “truth of Scripture”, they absolutely don’t … thus their denial of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Thus their denial in the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother. Thus their denial of Purgatory, of indulgences … the list goes on and on and on.

        So we can’t evangelize to two separate truths. It is either “yes” or “no”, “black” or “white”, “up” or “down”. Only the Catholic Church has the fullness of the Faith and most of the 40,000 + protestant denominations have some or most of it. We absolutely must evangelize everyone to the One, True Church.

        “A world grown dark by unbelief needs more than ever to see the light of Christ being shined by the two Christian bodies best-positioned to make all things new.” In reality, there aren’t “two Christian bodies”. There is the one Truth and then there are all of the sects that protested against that one Truth ( cf “this teaching is hard” John 6:61 {douay-rheims} and “many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him” John 6:67).

        Like Mr. Wolfgang, I hope and pray that we “may all be one”. I pray for our separated brethren every single time I pass one of their worship buildings (after all, even BXVI reminded us that the protestants aren’t even a “church”; see http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/07/10/pope-other-christian-denominations-not-true-churches.html ). I never stop praying for the conversion of the more than 6 billion people on the planet who are not part of the One, True Church of Jesus Christ!!!

    • Jennifer, I guess you miss the point. This isn’t about whose Christianity is best or right or wrong. Not at all. It’s about bringing together the strength of all Christians who want to keep their religious freedom.

      It is important to keep the goal in mind. Whether we desire to convert our evangelical brethren or to pursue with them our common objective to defeat the secular onslaught, we won’t get there by being self righteous about our superiority of faith. That merely pushes our evangelical brethren away from us. Nobody wins.

      On the other hand, a very effective first step in convincing other sects that we are authentic Christians who act in the Spirit, is to work with them in this essential task of stopping the secularists. In this way, we give no ground, while establishing our bona-fides as Christians by example.

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