MAKE US LOUDER: call your Senator


Obamacare hurts.

It hurts families, funds abortion, and destroys insurance markets. We want a pro-life replacement for Obamacare.

Senate Republicans promised months ago that they would vote to repeal and replace this disaster if we elected them. And we are within 1-2 votes of making it happen!

This may be our only chance to be finally rid of Obamacare.

But Republicans are dragging their feet. These next few days are critical, so let’s turn up the pressure.

Call your Senator and tell say you want a pro-life replacement for Obamacare.

You can call the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Or you can find your Senator’s direct number here:

The window is getting narrower with each passing day. Help us in this fight.

God bless the U.S.A!

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About Author is a lay-led movement of committed Catholics who are passionate about living out the truths proclaimed by Christ and His Church in the modern world. We are joined in this mission by many individuals of other faith traditions (and no faith tradition) because the common good we seek is universal to all men and women of goodwill. As patriotic Americans, we believe that life, faith, and freedom are precious rights, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.

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  1. Imagine a health care market with 10 people. Nine are young and healthy, the tenth has cancer. All ten are required to buy comprehensive health insurance. The person with cancer faces higher premiums, but those premiums are moderated by the fact that every other person is paying in a share for the same care, sharing the risk.
    Now imagine the law changes, and anyone can buy any level of insurance they like. The nine healthy people make the rational economic decision to buy bare bones plans; they rarely need to see a doctor. The cancer patient now faces skyrocketing premiums, because no one else in the market is sharing in the risk of need for care. One person is paying in for one person’s cancer care; they shoulder the entire cost, essentially.
    Now imagine the law changes further, and no one is required to buy health insurance. The nine healthy people drop out of the market, leaving the cancer patient as the only plan holder. There is no one to share the risk with; the cancer patient must pay the full value of needed care, plus the profit margin.
    These last two scenarios are what Catholic Vote supports. This is insanity; a pro-life health care system is one that puts the burden of paying for care solely on the sick? Why?!?
    The CBO spells out this wonderful pro life plan:
    “Out-of-pocket spending would also be affected for the people—close to half the population, CBO and JCT expect—living in states modifying the EHBs using waivers. People who used services or benefits no longer included in the EHBs would experience substantial increases in supplemental premiums or out-of-pocket spending on health care, or would choose to forgo the services.”
    People would forgo care because they can’t afford it, and that’s considered pro-life around these parts. How shameful to put support for the Republicans over actual Catholic teaching.

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