‘Pay No Attention to the Stzrok Behind the Curtain’


An oversight committee’s hearings with FBI official Peter Stzrok really brings out the coverup artist in establishment hacks. That goes for both Parties!
Stephen talks with CRTV’s Nate Madden, who’s been following the Stzrok story closely.


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  1. Rob Schroeder on

    The Department of Justice Inspector General report was released weeks ago. The report found that Strzok’s use of a government cell phone to communicate political discussions was inappropriate. Likewise, the report found that there was no evidence Strzok exhibited political bias in his work.
    Does your guest believe that the IG report is false, given that he outright claims that Strzok may have “swayed the outcome of a free and fair election”?
    If so, what evidence does your guest have that the IG report missed?

  2. Did you find the testimony/hearings illustrative respective to Strzok’s possible bias?

    Understand that those things can be political theater to an extent, but Strzok didn’t come out ahead there in my opinion.

        • Rob Schroeder on

          I do not believe that people’s actions are always biased because they hold political opinions. Notably, the recently-appointed director of the FBI is a registered Republican. No one seemed to care when he was nominated and approved.
          So, we are left with, what actual actions did Strzok take that were impacted by his biases? Either that, or anyone with a political opinion at the FBI needs to be removed. Starting with Christopher Wray.
          If the hearings illustrated actions he took that were biased, I’m all ears. I did not hear of or read of any actual actions he took. I heard him lambasted for sending text messages.

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