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Think big. Start local.


In the CatholicVote Action Network, you will…

  • Secure Political Wins

  • Train with Experts

  • Serve Your Community

  • Unite in Prayer

Join the Movement

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  • 1.2M CALLS

  • 2.9M TEXTS


““I felt called to invest in the future of our country. This group connects like-minded Catholics to take action and combat threats to my community.”


“As a first-time leader, I’ve learned an immeasurable amount from the CV team. I felt supported and empowered to lead my local chapter!”


“I knew I couldn’t wait until the next election to fight for my Catholic values. I was excited to learn that CatholicVote had a plan in place to reclaim culture and politics.”


“I’ve learned an immeasurable amount from the CV team and feel empowered to lead my local chapter.”


“My CV chapter used local Catholics to create real change. I have been impressed with how much support and resources they have.”


“During 2020, I realized that our local leaders matter. We have the power to take back our local communities through activism and prayer.”


“Living in a community that is predominantly liberal, it is encouraging to meet Catholics who felt the same way as I did about current political issues.”


CV Action Network Benefits

What being part of a CV Chapter will look like for you.

Benefits of Being a Member
  • Unify with local Catholics to deepen your faith, serve your community, and fortify freedom
  • Strengthen your advocacy skills through training from our CV staff
  • Develop a full understanding of controversial issues with the aid of experts on nationwide CV Action Network calls
  • Connect with Catholics in your area to amplify your voice and secure political wins
Benefits of Being a Leader
  • All of the above, PLUS…
  • Logistical and financial assistance from CV staff to successfully lead your CV chapter
  • Access valuable resources that simplify CV chapter operations such as: Leader Start-Up Pack, educational materials, and voter guides
  • Hone your outreach and advocacy skills through personalized coaching from our CV staff
  • Master controversial topics through exclusive chapter leader calls with guest speakers and CV staff
  • Personally connect and collaborate with prominent Catholic leaders across the country
  • Gain premier access to information about new CV initiatives, program launches, and events
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