LOOP: Trump officially launches re-election campaign

TRUMP 2020President Donald Trump formally kicked off his re-election campaign in Orlando, FL, before a packed house, promising to “Keep America Great.” Trump touted a roaring economy and the “obliteration” of ISIS, and his reform of the judiciary. “We just finished [confirming judge]number 107, already approved, sitting on the bench — how about that?” said Trump. “By the time we’re finished with the rest, we will have record percentages [of judges appointed]— our percentage will be a record, except for one person. One person has a higher percentage … George Washington.”  READ
DIFFERENT CAMPAIGN STYLEPolitical analyst David Drucker notes that Donald Trump’s second presidential campaign is a more sophisticated establishment operation, compared to the freewheeling campaign style of 2016.  READ 
NAZI ANALOGY?! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, set off a firestorm by accusing the Trump administration of “running concentration camps on our southern border.” David Harsanyi said, “People like Ocasio-Cortez, perhaps unknowingly, diminish the suffering of millions of dead.” READ 
ABORTION DEBATE IN SENATE  Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-HI, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, got into a brief spat over abortion and guns during a Senate panel discussion on term limits on judges.  READ 
RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SQUAREThe Supreme Court will soon decide on the fate of the “Peace Cross” World War I memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland.  READ 
TRANSGENDER VS. GIRLS SPORTS A high school girl has filed a federal complaint after losing a race to two boys who identify as girls. “No one in the state of Connecticut is happy about this, but no one has enough courage to speak up,” said Selina Soule, who filed with the Department of Educations’s Office for Civil Rights. READ 
CORRUPTING KIDS LGBT activists are openly encouraging parents to bring children to so-called “pride” parades. The radical activist openly said: “Children can handle the kink.”  READ 
CULTURE OF DEATH  Teen Vogue promotes prostitution to 13-year-old girls in an article titled “Why Sex Work Is Real Work.”  READ 
FR. ROSICA QUITS  After a plagiarism scandal, Father Thomas Rosica has resigned as CEO of Salt and Light Media Foundation. “I ask forgiveness for errors in not properly acknowledging individuals and attributing sources in my writings,” he said.  READ 
BAN ON RELIGIOUS GARB  The bishops of Quebec said a proposed ban on religious garb among future government employees will “fuel fear and intolerance.”  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Romuald had the strange experience of being uncomfortably holy and asked to leave a monastery. When he tried to become a missionary, he was repeatedly hindered by an illness. Next he was falsely accused and excommunicated for a few months. But he didn’t give up. READ 
DAILY READINGS  “Blessed the man who fears the Lord.” (Ps 146:2)   READ 
INGENIOUS  Machines and needles can be scary for kids. So a 12-year-old Connecticut girl with a rare autoimmune disorder has created Medi Teddy – teddy bears that hide IV bags.  SHARE 

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