LOOP: Trump administration backs Christian baker



TRUMP BACKS CHRISTIAN BAKER // Huge news for religious liberty: The Justice Department filed a brief supporting the Colorado baker who is being punished by his state government for not baking a cake for a same-sex “wedding” ceremony. http://cvote.it/2xaJAgk

OBAMACARE REPEAL REVIVED? // Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-LA, said he will introduce his partial repeal of Obamacare on Monday, and then send it to the Congressional Budget Office to see how it would affect the budget, a key factor on getting it passed by the Senate. McConnell apparently told Cassidy if the bill can get 50 votes, he’ll have the Senate vote on it. FIXED LINK: http://cvote.it/2eLW6se

BANNON VS. BISHOPS // Former White House Adviser Steve Bannon said Catholic bishops have “been terrible” on immigration. In an interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, Bannon said that it’s because the Bishops “need illegal aliens to fill the churches.” A spokesman for the USCCB said Bannon’s claims were “preposterous.” http://cvote.it/2xaGSHM

HE’S A “CENTRIST”? // Sen. Jon Tester is a Montana Democrat up for reelection next year. He’s routinely called a “centrist,” but he just said that Congress should take a “solid look” at government-run “single-payer” health care. If Tester is a “centrist,” what is a liberal?! http://cvote.it/2xaHflR

PATHETIC LEGAL DEFENSE // Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, is in federal court for bribery charges. Get this: Menedez’s attorneys are claiming that federal prosecutors are “attacking” him because he is Hispanic. Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with his ties with Salomon Melgen who was already convicted of defrauding Medicare… http://cvote.it/2xak5vJ

JUDGES, JUDGES, JUDGES // President Trump just released a slate of 16 judicial nominations for the federal bench, including a nominee for the “nutty” Ninth Circuit Court whose opinions have been routinely reversed by the Supreme Court. http://cvote.it/2xaEp07

POPE VISITS COLOMBIA // The Holy Father is in the predominantly Catholic South American country on a message of simplicity. http://cvote.it/2xb2Quc

SAINT // Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “With delight I rejoice in the Lord.” (Ps 13:6) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

ANNIVERSARY // CatholicVote.org was launched nine years ago today. Watch the video with 3 million views that started it all. http://cvote.it/1NYn4JU


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Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of CatholicVote.org, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also regular contributor with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and six children.


  1. Ok, it’s literally one day after you heavily, and rightfully, criticized Dianne Feinstein for criticizing a judicial nominee for dogmatic faith.
    Why do I hear crickets already?

    • RE: Bannon-

      He is a former administration official who has returned to his media outlet.

      I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard someone run out that “Church needs illegals to fill the pews/collection plates, etc.” Bannon’s just the latest and he said it on a TV interview show,

  2. Ryan Schroeder on

    So Trump’s campaign manager, former chief strategist, and editor of an influential white supremacist publication criticizes the US Bishops for following Catholic teaching and your response is…nothing?
    Boy, one would think you didn’t publish multiple stories yesterday about the supposed bigotry of the “anti-Catholic left.”
    What does it take to criticize a white supremacist at this site?

    • Do you think he (Mercer) ran the article out here as an homage or something?

      He’s a former government official (fired) who here makes statements critical of the Church’s stance on immigration. He runs an alt-right blog site now-as he did prior to his former posts.. Water is wet. What do you believe should be said on this site? The 60 minutes interview, to my knowledge, did not consist of Bannon affirming white supremacist views and the same receiving airtime.

      The stories yesterday concerned sitting US Senators applying unconstitutional religious litmus test-type questions out to a federal judicial nominee. Hardly analogous to Bannon offering up shopworn canards about Catholics and immigrants that we’ve heard since the 1800s.

  3. Ryan/Anna-

    The Christian baker snippet brought a question to mind.

    Often, you both (and SeanM if I recall correctly) mention the USCCB’s stance on matters as a counter to a position the current administration has taken-to such point where you frequently demand that the authors/editors here reconcile their pieces against those USCCB stances.

    Were you as deferential to the USCCB in the same-sex marriage debates? Their position was also clear in that regard.

    Simple curiosity and nothing more.


    • Asking really as Trump/the Administration is supporting someone who’s views DO align with the USCCB on the matter in question.

      You would commend this stance, or?

      • I’m not aware of Catholic teaching requiring non-Catholics to civilly marry according to Catholic religious law. Rather, the Church has long taught that others have rights to hold their own religious beliefs, no?

        • Of course, the question was concerning “marriage” and what the USCCB’s statements have been about what that is.

          A reminder here:


          So, the USCCB is a moral authority to be taken into consideration -if their position supports your argument.

          Otherwise, not so much.

          Have I captured the essence?

          • No, because I never wrote that politicians must follow Catholic teaching. I wrote that CatholicVote is criticizing those on the left and not those on the right for doing the same thing. Why are your putting words in my mouth?

          • Anna-

            You seem to have “putting words in my mouth” on some type of speed dial.

            I asked you a straight-up question.

            You do bring up the USCCB’s positions in your posts. I was simply asking if you do or not believe them to be a moral authority or a guideline for the editors/authors here as it appears you do-you do mention them.

            If you do not, then you can tell me, if you’re so disposed, why you drop their name all the time.

            I’m sure by now that you understand CV’s political stance-to the right.

        • As you (now) know, the Church and the USCCB do not believe that same sex marriage exists-that it is not possible.

          You may have not been cognizant of the position, but it’s been provided for you now.

          Does this modify your response?

          • “Ok, it’s literally one day after you heavily, and rightfully, criticized Dianne Feinstein for criticizing a judicial nominee for dogmatic faith.
            Why do I hear crickets already?”
            What does that have to do with whether I agree with Church teachings? The point is that the right wingers here won’t criticize a White supremacist for doing the same thing Feinstein did. Why? Rather than attacking me, try answering the question.

          • Bannon did not do what Feinstein did.

            Feinstein did not do what Bannon did.

            The stories yesterday concerned sitting US Senators applying unconstitutional religious litmus test-type questions out to a federal judicial nominee.

            Hardly analogous to Bannon (not an elected official, and not one currently) offering up shopworn canards about Catholics and immigrants that we’ve heard since the 1800s.

    • Ram – again, you’re not actually addressing what people wrote here. I wrote, very clearly, that yesterday CatholicVote published multiple articles criticizing those on the left for not respecting the rights of Catholics to live out dogmatic beliefs. Now, Steve Bannon has done the same thing. There is no response from CatholicVote. Since CatholicVote is supposedly a Catholic website and not a conservative website, this does not make sense.
      This has nothing to do with my personal beliefs. You really should read what people have written and stop making up side arguments.

      • “Now, Steve Bannon has done the same thing”

        Well, no, he has not.

        Bannon leveled his opinion of the Church’s position on immigration-he said he thinks they’re “wrong” and wanted immigrants to fill up the pews and the collection plate. He made no statement that one cannot hold the Church’s position and do his/her job.

        Feinstein attempted to apply an unconstitutional religious litmus test in her questioning of an nominee to the federal judiciary.

        These are two different things, Ryan.

        Also, here’s what CV says they are, so you understand what they’ve written.



        • Ryan Schroeder on

          How are the Bishops supposed to do their job if they don’t advocate for Church teachings on immigration? That is, unless Bannon’s views on immigration are actually Church teaching, and the Bishops don’t know what Church teaching is.
          That would fit with this website, where Republican teaching is Church teaching.

          • The Bishops can certainly promulgate Church teaching . They have to-its their job.

            We both understand that those teachings in matters such as these are not binding on the faithful.

            This site does not claim to inform itself on all matters via the USCCB or other “official” sources on every issue.

      • “This has nothing to do with my personal beliefs. ”

        Ryan-your personal beliefs about Bannon are the entire basis for your posts here. on this thread.

        You dislike Bannon and seek to equate his statement with Feinstein’s, and are demanding that CV denounce Bannon as they did Feinstein.


        • Ryan Schroeder on

          No, perhaps you should not put words in people’s mouths. BECAUSE CatholicVote felt the need to call out Feinstein, and then label anyone who is a liberal a bigot because of Feinstein’s actions (not the actions of individual liberals), I would expect the same thing for the same behavior on the right, since this is a Catholic website, not a conservative website (supposedly). That’s what I wrote. It would be nice if you would respond to what I write rather than making claims for me.
          I don’t think I’m very unique in disliking a white supremacist, either, by the way.

          • It’s a conservative website. I think I linked you to their statement RE: what they believe.

            I simply do not equate Bannon’s matter with Feinsteins.

            We may just have to leave it at that.

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