LOOP: Senate health care bill remains stalled



HEALTH CARE // Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears no closer to reaching a deal on a health care bill. Talks are continuing, but Senate Republicans are becoming increasingly pessimistic a deal can be reached. http://cvote.it/2tCkWmQ

IMMIGRATION // Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus say they will block any spending bill that doesn’t include funding for a border wall with Mexico. But the threat might not matter because House GOP leaders might use Democrat votes to pass the annual budget this fall. http://cvote.it/2t8sASl

CORRUPTION // The FBI is escalating its investigation into Senator Bernie Sanders’ wife. The FBI is reportedly looking into whether Jane Sanders falsified loan documents while serving as president of Burlington College, which closed down in May 2016 after going bankrupt and failing to meet accreditation standards. http://cvote.it/2t8k8lY

EDUCATION // A majority of Republicans now believe colleges and universities have a negative impact on the United States, according to a new poll. After years of ‘safe spaces’ and shutting down conservative speakers, this shouldn’t be a surprise. http://cvote.it/2t8jgOs

QUOTE OF THE WEEK // “We have a simplistic notion of what it means to love our neighbors. We think of it strictly as being nice to them. Yet … Jesus rarely ever appears “nice” as we moderns would define it. On the contrary he is usually abrupt, sparing with compliments, and willing to confront others directly about their failings. He appears not to follow Dale Carnegie’s advice about ‘how to win friends and influence people.’ Yet he has a deeper love for every individual than we will ever imagine.” Eric Sammons, author of The Old Evangelization. Read a review by Msgr. Charles Pope. http://cvote.it/2t8dQ6d  

INDECENT MATERIAL // Teen Vogue published an article encouraging teen girls to engage in immoral sexual activity. Due to the nature of Teen Vogue’s disturbing article, this article detailing what they published does contains some graphic language. http://cvote.it/2t8h9ds

CATHOLIC // In his new book on “LGBT” Catholics, Father James Martin proposes an alternate Catechism. http://cvote.it/2tCrZfn

CATHOLIC // Former Irish soccer pro Philip Mulryne was ordained a Dominican priest. http://cvote.it/2t7MDR4

SAINT // Saint Benedict – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “In justice, I shall behold your face, O Lord.” (Ps 17:15) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

NEAT //  Catholic Stuff Your Should Know is an interesting Catholic podcast we thought you might enjoy. The hosts are not radio talents, but regular men who are also Catholic priests. http://cvote.it/2tCK6BW


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  1. Russia informing Trump, Jr. their intent was to coordinate in the campaign is not news worth knowing. But Bernie! Corruption! Lol.

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