LOOP: Senate confirms record number of judges



RECORD NUMBER OF JUDGES   The Senate confirmed James Ho for the 5th Circuit, marking the 19th federal judge confirmed during Trump’s time in office — a record number for a president’s first year in office.  http://cvote.it/2B0q5Hp

NET NEUTRALITY AXED   The Federal Communications Commission voted to kill the Obama administration’s “net neutrality” regulations. FCC Chair Ajit Pai said: “Let’s be clear: returning to the legal framework that governed the Internet from President Clinton’s pronouncement in 1996 until 2015 is not going to destroy the Internet.” http://cvote.it/2B0RDMD

TAX BILL  Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, threatens to vote “no” on the tax bill if the child tax credit isn’t available for low-income workers who pay 15% of their income to payroll taxes.  http://cvote.it/2B0mCbI

DEREGULATION   President Trump notes that he has eliminated 22 old regulations for every new one added. Said Trump: “[E]very unnecessary page in these stacks represents hidden tax and harmful burdens to American workers and American businesses and in many cases mean projects never get off the ground.” http://cvote.it/2B1Iqns

SPECIAL ELECTION   CatholicVote endorsed Rick Saccone for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. Rick Saccone has been a solid pro-life vote in the Pennsylvania Legislature and he’s been a very outspoken champion or religious liberty. We’re proud to support Rick Saccone for the March 13 special election. http://cvote.it/2B0ddRs

QUOTE OF THE DAY   “I agree we need to change conditions so abortion is less likely. But we say things about this moral evil we don’t say about anything else. Imagine, for instance, supporting politicians who said they were personally against human trafficking, but not for making it illegal.” -Daniel Darling

ADVENT   Did you know that the Catholic Church has a treasure of Advent hymns and carols to prepare us for Christmas? http://cvote.it/2B2ux8G

STATE VS. CHURCH  India’s prime minister attacked Archbishop Thomas Macwan over his pastoral letter on state elections. http://cvote.it/2B2a3Ni

LEARNING FOR CATHOLICS   Author George Weigel has a recommended list of books to read for Christmas that includes works on St. Charles Borromeo and Justice Scalia. http://cvote.it/2B2JwiZ

SAINT OF THE DAY  Blessed Mary Frances Schervier – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS READINGS  “Those who follow you, Lord, will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

CATHOLIC VOTE RADIO HOUR  Carly Hoilman and Amanda Prestigiacomo join host Stephen Herreid to talk about how feminists are getting #MeToo all wrong, and how parents should teach bullied kids like Keaton Jones to survive, not to hide! The special guest is Fr. Robert Sirico to talk about the debate over globalism and nationalism.  http://cvote.it/2B0VObh


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