LOOP: Pope rejects French cardinal’s resignation


GRAMMAR POLICE Caroline Farrow, a devout Catholic journalist in Britain, was investigated by the police after she called the child of a transgender activist by the “wrong gender.” Farrow said: “In the U.K., using the wrong nouns/pronouns constitutes police intervention. Very clear who the bigots are in this situation. I am raging and will not take this quietly.” https://cvote.it/2TimnR4

RESIGNATION DENIED French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin said Pope Francis rejected his offer to resign. Cardinal Barbarin was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse charges. Instead, he will step aside for awhile and hand day-to-day operations to a vicar general. https://cvote.it/2TlcNMZ

COURT PACKING President Trump pushed back at Democratic presidential candidates who have entertained expanding the size of the Supreme Court – or “court packing.” Trump said: “No, I wouldn’t entertain that. The only reason that [Democrats are] doing that is they want to try and catch up.” https://cvote.it/2TiiuLY

KEEP IT AT NINE Rep. Mark Green, R-TN, announced that he will introduced a constitutional amendment to limit the number of Supreme Court justices at nine. Green noted that the Supreme Court has stayed at nine since 1869. https://cvote.it/2Tohcz6

BIDEN 2020? Former Vice President Joe Biden has apparently been telling some supporters that he will jump into the 2020 Democratic race for president. Biden, 76, currently leads the polls of Democratic primary voters. https://cvote.it/2TgQ1Gk

POSITIVE FATHER FIGURES? Hollywood almost always looks down on fathers, casting them as angry, overbearing, or foolish. But in two popular animated movies, the father is portrayed positively. https://cvote.it/2TlxxnS

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM A federal court has upheld tax-free housing allowances for pastors, religious organizations, and others who say the legal provision allows their ministries to remain affordable and better serve their mission. https://cvote.it/2TjqMTN

CHURCH SCANDAL A lawsuit from the attorney general of West Virginia claims that the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston knowingly employed sex abusers in roles that worked with children. https://cvote.it/2TiLX8c

CHURCH SCANDAL The Archdiocese of Milwaukee will remove from archdiocesan buildings the names of two former archbishops who were found to have reassigned priests accused of sexual abuse. In announcing the decision, Archbishop Jerome Listecki said: “Whether it be clericalism, a misguided intent to protect the institutional church or the desire to avoid scandal, regard for priest-offenders often trumped care for victims. For this, I apologize to abuse survivors and to the faithful of this archdiocese.” https://cvote.it/2TiyQE8

SAINT OF THE DAY Well aware of a person’s need to be in right relationship with God and others, Saint Salvator of Horta encouraged people seeking healing to go to confession and to receive Holy Communion. Good advice for all. https://cvote.it/2Tidln8

DAILY READINGS “Save me, O Lord, in your kindness.” (Ps 31:5) https://cvote.it/2Ti7Vbt

BEAUTY Inside Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. https://cvote.it/2Y7XpY5

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