LOOP: Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill

HEARTBEAT BECOMES LAW  Gov. Mike DeWine, R-OH, signed into law the “heartbeat bill” which would ban abortions after a heartbeat can be detected. Five other states have heartbeat bills, with two blocked by courts.  READ
ASSANGE ARRESTEDWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has lived for 7 years to shield him from extradition to the United States, which has investigated him for espionage.  READ 
JOBS, JOBS, JOBS  Filings for unemployment benefits decreased to 196,000, falling to the lowest level in 49 years. “Employers are adding jobs at a pace that is well above the natural growth rate of the labor force and job openings continue to exceed the number of job seekers,” economist Eliza Winger told Bloomberg. READ 
JUSTICE THOMAS DEFENDS AMY BARRETT Justice Clarence Thomas was asked about Senator Dianne Feinstein suggesting in 2017 that Amy Coney Barrett was too dogmatic to be a judge. “I don’t think I know a single judge who has allowed religion to interfere with their jobs,” said Justice Thomas at Pepperdine University School of Law. “I thought we got away from religious tests.”  READ 
LEFT GOES AFTER KAVANAUGH  Two dozen liberal advocacy groups have asked the House Judiciary and Government Reform committees to investigate the “many issues” that were “unresolved” during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle.  READ 
AMAZON WORKERS LISTEN IN Internet retailer Amazon says they employ thousands of people around the world to listen to audio clips taken from people’s homes via Alexa smart speakers in order to improve the digital assistant’s ability to respond to commands. Two workers admitted they once heard an audio clip of what they believe was a sexual assault. Amazon said it has procedures in place for when they hear something distressing. The company also claimed that they take the security and privacy of customers seriously. READ 
CITIZENSHIP QUESTION  A question about citizenship has appeared on the U.S. Census for nearly 175 years. The Trump administration wants to return the question to the census, but a federal judge blocked the action. The Supreme Court will hear arguments this month on the citizenship question, with a ruling expected in June.  READ 
TRUMP’S SISTER RETIRESJudge Maryanne Trump Barry, 82, retired as a federal appellate judge, which ends an investigation into alleged tax misconduct. Her lawyer has disputed any claims of impropriety. President Trump will be able to nominate a candidate to replace his sister on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. She was appointed to the court by President Clinton in 1999.  READ
BISHOP ON BENEDICT’S LETTER“Ratzinger locates the seed of the current crisis in the deliberate turn toward sexual anarchy that marked much of Europe in the 1960s, and the complete failure of Catholic moral theologians to counter it—a failure that more often resembled fellow-traveling. He also notes, as did Del Noce, the dirty little secret of the sexual revolution: Relaxing sexual norms does not reduce an appetite for violence, including sexual violence. It does exactly the opposite.” -Archbishop Charles Chaput   READ
THEOLOGIAN ON BENEDICT’S LETTER“After all the studies are done, after new protocols and safeguards are in place, Benedict’s answer will be the one which endures.” -Dr. Chad Pecknold.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  A long life is not necessary for holiness, as Saint Teresa of Los Andes proves. Not quite 20 years old when she died, she left a legacy rich in virtue—rich enough for her to be considered a saint.  READ 
DAILY READINGS  “In my distress I called upon the Lord, and he heard my voice.” (Ps 18:2)  READ 
AMAZING   According to tradition, St. Helen brought to Rome the stairs believed to be walked by Christ on the day of his death. Now these “holy stairs” will be uncovered – for the first time in 300 years. SHARE

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