LOOP: NFL says no more kneeling during the anthem





NFL: NO MORE KNEELING  NFL owners have made a decision: Either stand for the National Anthem or stay in the locker room. Genevieve Wood thinks they made the right call. READ
MORE OPTIONS FOR VETS  The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill supported by President Trump that would give more veterans the option of seeing doctors outside the Veterans Affairs system. The bill passed 92-5.  READ
TIME TO ADMIT: TRUMP IS A PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT  “Who knew or really believed that candidate Donald Trump would become pro-life President Donald Trump?,” writes Melissa Mackenzie. “President Trump does not operate from a place of fear with the media. He pushes forward in places even many of his voters didn’t expect, like Title X funding.” READ
KENNEDY RETIREMENT WATCH  Sen. Mike Lee, R-UT, said that there’s a “very real possibility” that Justice Anthony Kennedy retires this year. “There is a lot of chatter suggesting that Justice Kennedy might be preparing for retirement as soon as this year.”  READ
HEALTH CARE REFORM DEAD AGAIN?  A quiet movement to revive health care reform was slowly gaining support in the Senate over the last few months. But that effort now appears to be unraveling. READ
MOVIE CUTS NASTY SCENE  In response to public outcry by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and others, the childrens’ movie Show Dogs is getting re-cut to remove an inappropriate sex abuse message. The newly-edited version will be ready by this weekend. READ
CHINA’S TWO-CHILD POLICY  For decades, the Chinese Communist government only allowed families to have one child. By 2015, they changed that to let all families have two children. Now China is considering ending the two-child policy altogether by the end of the year. READ
PARENTS BEWARE!  SnapChat’s new feature “Cosmo After Dark” is porn — and there are no parental controls. READ
HUMANAE VITAE IS FINE  The professor who chaired a Vatican study group on Humanae Vitae stressed that Pope Paul VI’s encyclical “needs no updating.” READ
HUMANAE VITAE AT 50  Pope Paul VI stood firm in the midst of the moral permissiveness which came under the guise of “freedom” in the 1960s, and boldly proclaimed the truth of married love. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi is known as the “ecstatic saint” because of her unusual gifts from God. To safeguard the authenticity of her visions, her confessor had her dictate them to fellow sisters. The result was five volumes encompassing ecstasies, letters, and inspirational sayings. But her life was not all sweetness; she also battled with temptations. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “Blessed are the poor in spirit; the Kingdom of heaven is theirs!” (Mt 5:3)  READ
NEAT  “Today I was carrying my newborn baby boy in my sling, while visiting with some local Carmelite sisters, when Mother Superior gave me some interesting information. She said that when we speak of Mary’s mantle, people usually think of her veil, but in her days, they were actually referring to the fabric carrier that she used to tote baby Jesus around. So when we ask her to wrap her mantle around us, we are actually asking her to carry us as she did baby Jesus, close to her heart.” -Defining Beauty blog READ

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