LOOP: GOP avoids defeat in Georgia



SPECIAL ELECTION // Democrat Jon Ossoff did better than expected but was unable to clear 50% and win the special election in Georgia last night. A runoff between Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel will be held on June 20. Georgia’s 6th District is a Republican-leaning district, but Democrat Ossoff did so well that the June 20th runoff is considered a Toss Up. http://cvote.it/2oMcCwA

SUPREME COURT // Today the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in an important case involving school choice and religious liberty. At issue: a state program in Missouri which provides grants to renovate school playgrounds, but excludes religious schools from receiving the money.  The Court examines if this exclusion is unconstitutional. http://cvote.it/2oLGv06

ABORTION // Republican Senator Dean Heller appears to be waffling on de-funding Planned Parenthood. At a town hall in Nevada, Heller said: “I have no problems with federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” He added: “I will protect Planned Parenthood.” Then he clarified further that “states have a right to make the determination” of funding. http://cvote.it/2oM6yED

TRUMP // In Wisconsin, President Trump pushes his new ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order. Trump said the order would protect American manufacturers and American workers hurt by employers abusing the H1-B visa program. http://cvote.it/2oLVU0F

BRITAIN // Prime Minister Theresa May shocked Britain by calling for an early general election, which will be held on June 8. This election will decide the fate of her government and Brexit. Conservatives in Britain appear poised to dramatically increase their slim majority in Parliament. http://cvote.it/2oLQItu

HEALTH CARE // President Trump called on voters to pressure their congressmen to support legislation to partially repeal and replace Obamacare. He said figuring out a healthcare bill is key to tax reform. http://cvote.it/2pyVGwG

COLLEGE // CNN profiles a conservative student activist who wants to ‘make campus great again.’ http://cvote.it/2pyVCwS

PRESIDENT BUSH // Former President George H.W. Bush, 92, is back in the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia. http://cvote.it/2oLMthz

CATHOLIC // Archbishop Charles Chaput’s new book Strangers in a Strange Land “is above all a work of hope, appearing in a moment when many Western Christians could use some,” writes Mary Eberstadt in “The Phoenix in the Ashes of the Culture Wars.” http://cvote.it/2pyLzI0

CATHOLIC // In emotional service, Jesuits and Georgetown repent for complicity in slave trade. http://cvote.it/2oLzHzA

SAINT // Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “Rejoice, O hearts that seek the Lord.” (Ps 105:3) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

NEAT // ‘Our Catholic faith defines us,’ says family with 18 kids. http://cvote.it/2pyOQHi

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