LOOP: FBI agents tried to prevent Trump’s election, DOJ investigation finds



FBI INVESTIGATION  The Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his bombshell report on FBI actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report detailed that FBI agents had vowed to “stop” Trump from getting elected. The report also took former FBI Director James Comey to task for repeatedly violating policy. Here are seven major takeaways from the explosive report. READ
BACK TO BASEBALL  Exactly one year after nearly losing his life, Majority Whip Steve Scalise took the field at the Congressional Baseball Game as the starting second baseman. The first pitch was hit as a grounder right to Scalise, who cleanly fielded the ball and threw out the runner. His teammates ran to congratulate Scalise, who still uses a crutch to assist him while walking. READ
ALMOST AT 4% GROWTH  Consumer spending is surging. So far, the economy in the second quarter is tracking close to 4% growth — almost double the pace of the first quarter. READ
IMMIGRATION  Is stronger border security a humanitarian cause? Brandon Darby was the investigative journalist who discovered that migrant children were being held in cages in 2014. Darby condemns some conservatives for using dehumanizing language about migrants, but also says liberals are hurting migrants by perpetuating policies that attract vulnerable migrants into the arms of cartels and people-smugglers. Watch this illuminating interview with Brandon Darby on the Stephen Herreid Show.  WATCH
DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PRO-LIFERS  A pro-life group at Ball State University was denied funding that other college groups received. Now pro-life students are taking the state-run university to court. READ
FULTON SHEEN   A recent court ruling stated that Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s body should be transferred from New York to Illinois. But Fr. Raymond de Souza says some key issues have yet to be resolved. READ
NEW SHRINE IN NEW YORK CITY  The world’s first shrine dedicated to persecuted Christians opens in New York City. The newly inaugurated shrine at St. Michael’s parish in Midtown Manhattan enshrines an icon dedicated to Our Lady of Aradin. READ
RETURNED AFTER 500 YEARS  A stolen copy of a 1493 letter by Christopher Columbus returns to its rightful place at the Vatican Library. The letter details his experience in the New World. The letter was presented to the Vatican by U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Callista Gingrich. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Enduring a seriously dysfunctional marriage and being left a widow, Saint Marguerite d’Youville did not give in to despair. Rather, she founded the Sisters of Charity of Montreal, the “Grey Nuns,” rescued a failing hospital, and cared for the sick. Not even the destruction of the hospital by fire drove her to despair. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “I long to see your face, O Lord.” (Ps 27:8)  READ

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  1. Rob Schroeder on

    Actually, the Inspector General’s report did not find that FBI agents vowed to stop Trump from getting elected. The report found that mixing personal political views with work was inappropriate. One could ascertain this by…actually reading the report, rather than a FOX News story.
    “We do not question that the FBI employees who sent these messages are entitled to their own political views. However, we believe using FBI devices to send the messages discussed in Chapter Twelve—particularly the messages that intermix work-related discussions with political commentary—potentially implicate provisions in the FBI’s Offense Code and Penalty Guidelines. At a minimum, we found that the employees’ use of FBI systems and devices to send the identified messages demonstrated extremely poor judgment and a gross lack of professionalism.”
    The report finds that the agent who sent the text message did not use his government position to stop Trump from getting elected.
    In reality, the report faults James Comey for publicizing the “new” investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails via Anthony Weiner’s computer, which incidentally happened at the same time that the FBI declared there was no link between Trump and Russia, which we know to be demonstrably false. This does not exactly paint a picture of an organization lined up to defeat Donald Trump.

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