LOOP: Dems remain divided on Kavanaugh nomination




DEMS DIVIDED ON KAVANAUGH  Senate Democrats are facing a base that wants a full on-attack on Judge Kavanaugh, while several vulnerable Democrats are facing reelection in states where opposing Kavanaugh could be political suicide. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told liberal voters that procedural options for Democrats “are not that large.”  READ
PLEASANT SURPRISE  The liberal Catholic magazine, America, published an editorial titled: “Anyone who recognizes the humanity of the unborn should support the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.” READ
KAVANAUGH’S FAITH  The National Catholic Register takes a look at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Catholic faith, from his time as an altar boy to his current volunteer work feeding the homeless. READ
SIGN THE PETITION >>> CatholicVote launches a petition “I’m Catholic and I support Kavanaugh” to be sent to each United States Senator. The petition reads, in part: “Every Catholic voter I know will be watching this process closely. Scrutiny of Judge Kavanaugh’s Catholic faith will not be tolerated.” SIGN HERE
PROTECTING FAITH-BASED ADOPTION  The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to an upcoming spending bill. The amendment would ensure adoption and foster care groups would not be excluded from federal funding just because of their religious faith. READ
FBI AGENT TESTIFIES  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok was often defiant, and sometimes apologetic, as he testified before Congress. Strzok was the FBI agent who promised to “stop” Trump from winning the election. He said that he was “sorry for these texts and the way they have been used and the hurt they have caused.” READ
CULTURE  This article from 2017 is making the rounds again. How classic cartoons created a literate generation.  READ
INTERCOMMUNION  Cardinal Arinze said that if Protestants want to receive Communion, they should become Catholic. “The Eucharistic celebration of the Mass is not an ecumenical service,” said Cardinal Arinze.  READ
AUSTRALIA VS. THE CONFESSIONAL  The Australian state of Victoria has delayed, for now, a recommendation to pass a law requiring priests to break the confessional seal in child sex abuse cases. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Henry, a German king and Holy Roman Emperor, lived life according to the customs of his times, but did it in a holy way. He is a clear witness to the holiness of secular life lived according to the gospel norms. READ
DAILY READINGS  “My mouth will declare your praise.” (Ps 51:17)  READ
TRUTH               (click here to view a larger version of the cartoon.)

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