LOOP: Conference ousts pro-life speaker

PRO-LIFER DISINVITED  Rep. Will Hurd, R-TX, is a former undercover CIA officer with an impressive background in cybersecurity. But he was disinvited from a cybersecurity conference in San Francisco because he voted to protect unborn children from late-term abortions. READ
TRUMP HEIGHTSAn Israeli village showed their appreciation for the U.S. president who moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. The village, now named Trump Heights, is just 7.5 miles from Syria and is in a contested frontier zone. This is the first Israeli village named after a current U.S. president since Harry Truman in 1949.  READ
DELTA WON’T BOYCOTT  Hollywood actresses and a few corporations have announced boycotts against Georgia because of a recently-passed law to protect unborn children. But Delta Air Lines said they would not join such a boycott.  READ 
REBUILDING NOTRE-DAME It’s not the French billionaires, but small donors who are paying to fix Notre-Dame Cathedral. READ 
MEDIA BIAS  “Media outlets, from CNN to HuffPost, recently latched on to a Michigan hotel after its manager offered to house women seeking abortions. But writers and journalists routinely overlook free resources for other pregnant women – mothers who want to keep their babies,” writes Katie Yoder, over at the CV Blog.  READ 
CONSERVATIVES & FEMINISTS  Madeline Fry says there’s one place where Gloria Steinem and conservatives can agree: Commercial surrogacy is harmful to women.  READ 
MERITOCRACY VS. THE UNDERCLASS American society in the early 21st century is a meritocracy that has provided considerable benefits to those in the upper middle class. But a new book by Chris Arnade makes the case that this meritocracy has failed the underclass. READ 
ILLINOIS BISHOPS The bishops of Illinois are united in their strong opposition to the state’s radical new pro-abortion law. But the bishops are divided on whether to prevent pro-abortion politicians from receiving the Eucharist.   READ 
CATHOLIC COLLEGE  An employee signed a pro-abortion letter and listed Saint Louis University, a Catholic university, as her affiliation. The employee has since apologized and retracted her support. The online letter of signatories no longer contains any reference to the university, nor her name. Last week, 180 CEOs signed a letter declaring abortion restrictions “bad for business.”  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  At a time when rigorist ideas were rampant in the seminaries of Italy, Saint Joseph Cafasso proved to be a moderate, leading the students to the best of Catholic thought without going to extremes. He also encouraged them to join the Secular Franciscans and develop a love for the Eucharist. READ 
DAILY READINGS  “The Lord has made known his salvation.” (Ps 98:1)  READ 
NOT ALONE  We’re here because we have something to say and we’re no longer afraid to say it. Watch our “Not Alone” video from 2015.  SHARE

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