LOOP: Bishops applaud state pro-life laws

BISHOPS APPLAUD STATES Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ pro-life committee, applauded states for passing laws to protect unborn children. “The trend of states passing pro-life legislation is a very encouraging move toward ensuring that our society cherishes unborn children and their most basic right to life. The pro-life movement has always had two critical goals: increasing support for mothers and children and eliminating the tragedy of abortion,” said Naumann. READ
MAY ALMOST OVERBritish Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to announce today a date that she will resign her post. May, a member of the Conservative Party, is expected to resign after President Trump’s visit on June 10. A brand new party, called the Brexit Party is hallowing out Conservative Party support in this weekend’s European parliamentary elections. READ
JUDICIAL CONTROVERSY Ed Whelan, a scholar who watches judicial nominations closely, disagreed with Sen. Josh Hawley’s assessment that a Michigan judicial nominee was anti-Catholic because of the legal arguments he enlisted on behalf of his client. “Do conservatives really want to embrace the general proposition that arguments that a lawyer makes on behalf of a client should, without more, be held against the lawyer? That’s a proposition that, apart from being unsound, could redound to the detriment of conservative nominees who have defended religious liberty or pro-life legislation in unpopular contexts,” said Whelan. READ
PELOSI AND ABORTION The self-described “very devout Catholic” Nancy Pelosi blasted “white guys” who vote to protect unborn children from abortion. “When you have five children in six years, we’ll have a conversation. Otherwise you have no standing whatsoever,” claimed Pelosi.  READ 
DONORS VS. VOTERS? Republican mega-donor David Humphreys is calling on Gov. Mike Parson, R-MO, to veto a bill protecting unborn children after eight-weeks. Humphreys favors legal abortion and said if the governor signs the bill into law, he will personally bankroll an initiative to repeal the law on the 2020 ballot. Humphreys and his family have donated over $15 million in Missouri politics, mostly supporting GOP candidates.  READ 
RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION A new poll shows that 53% of Americans want congressional Democrats to drop their investigations into Russian interference of the 2016 elections.  READ 
MEDIA AND TRANSGENDER All media stories about transgender athletes seem to be missing an important side of the story: female athletes who feel it’s unfair for athletes born as boys to compete in girl sports. READ 
THE FAMILY A two-day international conference entitled, “Shift Towards a Family-Friendly Europe” was held in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss the different ways of supporting pro-family policies and strengthening the family institution in Europe. READ 
CONVERSION A 2019 convert to the Catholic Church said: “The Eucharist is only in this Church.”  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi is known as the “ecstatic saint” because of her unusual gifts from God. To safeguard the authenticity of her visions, her confessor had her dictate them to fellow sisters. The result was five volumes encompassing ecstasies, letters, and inspirational sayings. But her life was not all sweetness; she also battled with temptations.
DAILY READINGS  “I will give thanks among the peoples, O Lord.” (Ps 57:8)  READ 
REMEMBER  The crew of the USS South Dakota stands with bowed heads, while chaplain N.D. Lindner reads the benediction held in honor of fellow shipmates killed in the air action off Guam on June 19, 1944. SHARE 

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