LOOP: Attorney General lashes out at judge over immigration




DACA REVIVED   Attorney General Jeff Sessions unleashed on a federal judge who reinstated Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) last week. “The judicial branch has no power to eviscerate the lawful directives of Congress–nor to enjoin the executive branch from enforcing such mandates,” said Sessions. “The last administration violated its duty to enforce our immigration laws.”  READ
SPECIAL ELECTION IN OHIO   Voters in Ohio’s 12th Congressional district go to the polls today. The once safe Republican district is now considered a toss up. The GOP have spent $500,000 in order to keep the seat, which has been held by a Republican for 35 years. READ
NEWSPAPER BAILOUT?  With online competition, today’s newspaper industry is reeling. New Jersey Democratic lawmakers decided to set aside with $5 million in taxpayer money to bail them out.  READ
DIFI’S SPY  A longtime staffer of Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been accused of relaying information to Chinese intelligence services. READ
CULTURE  The Hollywood Walk of Fame still has a star for Harvey Weinstein and convicted rapist Bill Cosby. But yesterday, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously passed a resolution requesting removal of Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star. READ
PRAYING AT PAUL VI’S TOMB  Pope Francis again visits Blessed Paul VI’s tomb on the anniversary of his death. On Oct. 14, Pope Francis will canonize Paul VI, along with Blessed Oscar Romero. READ
McCARRICK HONOR   Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins said the school will not revoke the honorary degree to former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick until he is convicted in a Vatican court.  Fordham University and the Catholic University of America have revoked their honorary degrees to McCarrick. READ
McCARRICK SCANDAL   The laity are “essential” and must lead any investigation in the aftermath of the McCarrick scandal, says Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger. “While I am heartened by my brother bishops proposing ways for our Church to take action in light of recent revelations – and I agree that a national panel should be commissioned, duly approved by the Holy See – I think we have reached a point where bishops alone investigating bishops is not the answer. To have credibility, a panel would have to be separated from any source of power whose trustworthiness might potentially be compromised,” he added. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Cajetan was a lawyer who became a priest working in the Roman Curia. He came to realize that the Church needed reform, so he and three friends founded the Theatines, a small congregation dedicated to addressing the very issues that were at the heart of the Protestant Reformation. They however, worked for reform within the Church rather than breaking from it.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “The Lord will build up Zion again, and appear in all his glory.” (Ps 102:17)  READ
THE YEAR OF THREE POPES   Pope Paul VI died 40 years ago this week. And the resulting events culminating in the election of the first non-Italian pope in 462 years. READ

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