Let’s be Honest: Some News gets More Coverage Because it’s Politically Useful


You will hear a lot in the coming days about the school shooting in Texas, not only because you should or for the reasons you should, but because it is helps one side politically.

Here’s what else happened in the last 24 hours which you probably will never hear about again because it is not politically useful. This is what I’ve read this morning in just the first three pages of the newspaper I looked at this morning.

I haven’t even made it to page 4 yet or gotten to my other two newspapers yet:

1) A Hartford police officer is recovering from being stabbed in the neck.

2) Ex-Playboy Playmate, who was in a custody battle, killed herself and her 7 year old son by jumping out a hotel window with him.

3) A pregnant woman and service dog were punched by an airline passenger.

4) A stylist at a Brooklyn barbershop threw a client through a window after he complained about his haircut. “The victim’s face was ripped open and his face was covered with blood.”

5) There was *another* shooting, at a megachurch in Kansas City. (Since it is a shooting, and therefore politically useful, you will at least probably hear about that one.)

Now here’s the part where I say something that is not terribly original and won’t move the needle one bit but needs to be said anyway because it is true:

A country like ours does not function without faith in God and love of country. That is the only glue that can hold it together. When you constantly seek to dissolve what holds something together, the thing naturally falls apart. That is what is happening to us.

Now go on about how you want gun control, because it is small, it does not get to the core of the problem, it aids the party you support and is a thrust against the party (and people) you do not.

And keep talking about how incorrigibly evil is your country’s founding and its traditions and how bigoted and deceived are people of faith. And scratch your head, after you get your gun control, as to why it is that the violent deterioration of our country still continues.

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Peter Wolfgang is president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, a Hartford-based advocacy organization whose mission is to encourage and strengthen the family as the foundation of society. His work has appeared in The Hartford Courant, the Waterbury Republican-American, Crisis Magazine, Columbia Magazine, the National Catholic Register, The Stream, CatholicVote, and Ethika Politika. He lives in Waterbury, Conn., with his wife and their seven children. The views expressed here are his own.


  1. Rob Schroeder on

    This is the exact bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach to school shootings that is truly ridiculous.
    According to both local and federal authorities, the motive of the alleged Santa Fe shooter is unknown. Very little is known about his life, beyond man-on-the-street interviews with classmates who described him as quiet but normal, and a scant few social media posts.
    In other words, the author of this piece has no idea how religious, or not religious, the alleged shooter is, or his family, or his upbringing, or his neighborhood, or his friends, or anything. Likewise, the author has no idea how religious belief, or lack of religious belief, played a role in the alleged shooter’s life, family, upbringing, neighborhood, friends group, etc.
    If the author has this information from his research, he should share it. It seems the author is based in…Connecticut. His expertise on Houston suburbs seems nil.
    What does seem to be true is that the grand religion of guns means guns can’t even be discussed. It’s better to just make things up instead.

    • Agreed here as to the reportage on the Houston incident-I have yet to hear anything even speculative concerning the shooter’s motivations, and religion has not been mentioned.

      All we know, I guess, is that his dad had weapons at home with which the young man perpetrated the assault.

      So, the kid could not have been impeded in his quest by current gun laws, other than those which may have been in effect respective to entering school grounds with them-which he ignored and were not enforced at the entrance to the school.

      • Ram, I`m not sure if you are suggesting that more laws would have prevented the tragedy in Santa Fe, but I want to point out that the killer illegally stole 2 guns from his father, illegally transported the 2 guns, illegally brought the 2 guns to a school, illegally murdered 10 people, and illegally shot 13 other people with them. That`s 29 crimes. Any shot that missed a person was also illegal, as it is illegal to discharge a gun in city limits, so maybe as many as 100 crimes were committed. Neither gun used was of the type likely to be targeted by an “assault weapons” ban. What new law do you propose to prevent these things from happening?

        • I’m stating that no gun law (of which there are multitudes) would have stopped this kid.

          We have tons of laws on the books and people who are determine to do illegal things still do them.

          More laws do not seem to be a response here.

    • There is no political solution–neither legislative, executive, nor judicial–to violence. Earlier this month, 7 people were killed in a mass shooting in Australia, which has every gun law imaginable:
      84 People were murdered with a truck in Nice, France–deadlier than the Las Vegas concert massacre. What law is going to stop something like that?
      Jesus is the only answer to this problem. Let`s get to work! People are dying while we wait for the government to fix this.

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