Hundreds Gather to Support Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco


Much ado was made a few weeks ago when several prominent Bay Area Catholics threw a tantrum on the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle and demanded that Pope Francis remove Archbishop Cordileone.  You know, because he’s so mean.  Well, so far the good bishop appears safe in his post, and although making predictions about what Pope Francis may or may not do is a dangerous game, I wouldn’t be holding my breath that any pink slips will be arriving on Cordileone’s desk any time soon.

Meanwhile, other Catholics in the San Francisco area have different ideas and are making themselves heard.  On Saturday, May 16, over 500 people gathered for a picnic to support Archbishop Cordileone and his efforts to ensure that the teachings of the Catholic Church are upheld in the archdiocesan schools.

I don’t know, maybe these crazy people just don’t understand what an outrage it is when a Catholic bishop wants the Catholic Faith taught in Catholic schools.

Keep praying for Archbishop Cordileone.  His fight isn’t over by a long shot.

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