From #MeToo to #Parkland, We Need MORE Masculinity, Not Less


An interview with James Hasson, from Episode 24 of the CatholicVote Radio Hour!

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  1. Your guest’s comment in regards to Milo is not correct. Has your guest every listened to Milo? He does not hold ‘alt-right” views. As an interviewer you have an obligation to make sure that if your guest speaks an untruth you at the very least add a comment giving another perspective or make a correction. What else is your guest not informed about?

  2. An interview with James Hasson, from Episode 24 of the CatholicVote Radio Hour!
    For the most part, I agree with the conclusion of Mr. Hasson however I believe there is a major omission and that is radical feminism has infected the women of our culture and they are “schooled” to be independent and self reliant-decisive and unfortunately when these ideas are interjected into a husband/wife relationship, often the role of the husband to be the protector and the “bread winner” and the strength of the family, is challenged or maybe even ridiculed as “old fashioned or male chauvinist piggish attitude and easily becomes a flash point as both people attempt to fulfill what may appear to be the same “role” in the family. One is naturally inclined to exert his manly duties and responsibilities and the other is taught to be aggressive and self assertive which results in contention and division in the family. As Catholics, we have the germ of the family embedded in our Faith. We have a father in God the Father, the Holy Father and the priest; we have a “mother” in Our Lady and the Church and we have “us” the laity, the children of the family and in this hierarchy, there is a structure which is centered on Love which then results in harmony and all have accepted their natural roles and duties. Our Faith is the answer to the familial struggles of the day.