Fr. James Martin: Please Speak Truth to the Mob


This week, Fr. James Martin took a strong moral stand …. against you and me. He suggested that we might just be evil enough to perpetrate a genocide against South American immigrants.

This is political theater and false moral leadership, which is about fanning the flames of chest-thumping partisan rage, rather than actually standing up for innocent victims when they are truly threatened.

Father Martin, moral grandstanding about the rude words of your political enemies might make you look good to the mob, but it’s no better than the worst stereotypical fearmongering right-wing punditry. You’re a priest, a caretaker for “the least of these brethren,” and a leader in the Roman Catholic Church. Use that vocation, and stop letting the mob use you. Otherwise, in the long run, everyone will see through it, and even the mob will turn on you.


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    • timothy rookey on

      Great commentary, Stephen! You could fill in for Tucker, anytime. Or Laura for that matter. Very good writing and delivery!

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