Tucker Carlson is a rare media host who is very pro-life


The media is dominated by supporters of abortion. And while it is true that there are several pro-life anchors at Fox News, few can surpass Tucker Carlson with passion and intellect on this issue.

As it turns out, the abortion issue is deeply personal one for Carlson. His father Richard was born in Boston in 1941 – to a fifteen-year-old girl – before being sent to an orphanage. If abortion had been legal at the time, Carlson believes, his father probably would never have been born. “If it had been 1973,” he told a pro-life audience, “I wouldn’t be here.”

The story of his father’s growing-up years is “a really messy story,” Carlson related. “Just because you make the right decision doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s one of the reasons people make the wrong decisions – because they fear that messiness.” For Carlson, though, that story had a happy ending. “In the end it worked out great, and I’m here because of that decision,” he said. “I have lunch with my dad every Friday, and talk to him every single day.”