Surprise, relief dominate Capitol Hill after special counsel named for Russia investigation


The Justice Department announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will become General Counsel in charge of the investigation involving Russian influence in the election. The appointment received immediate bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

Some Republicans joined Democrats in breathing a sigh of relief Wednesday at news that deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had appointed a special counsel to lead the investigation into whether Trump’s campaign had any ties to Russia.

While many members said they were caught off-guard, a bipartisan array of lawmakers applauded the selection of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead the investigation.
“Wow, that’s news to me. He is a well-respected law enforcement professional,” Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican, told reporters Wednesday evening when asked about the turn of events. “That’s the call of the deputy Attorney General. It’s not our call. It’s his call. He previously said he didn’t see the need and until there was a demonstrated need he wasn’t interested. This is a development I wasn’t aware of.”

Photo credit: Mark Van Scyoc/