New York and New Jersey launch investigations on Church


New York’s attorney general issued subpoenas to all eight Catholic dioceses in the state and launched a civil investigation to determine how allegations of sexual abuse of minors were handled.

Attorney General Barbara Underwood announced a civil investigation into Church entities and said the office’s criminal division is willing to partner with local district attorneys “to investigate and, if warranted, prosecute any individuals who have committed criminal offenses that fall within the applicable statutes of limitations.”

The Archdiocese of New York told local media in a statement that they were “ready and eager to work together” with the attorney general in the investigation.

“Since 2002, the archdiocese has shared with its 10 District Attorneys all information they have sought concerning allegations of sexual abuse of minors, and has established excellent working relationships with each of them,” the statement said.

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Photo credit: Richard Trois via Flickr