Kavanaugh: A conservative judge, formed by faith


The National Catholic Register takes a look at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Catholic faith, from his time as an altar boy to his current volunteer work feeding the homeless.

One subject that Kavanaugh was willing to talk about during his July 9 public remarks was his Catholic faith.

“The motto of my Jesuit high school was ‘Men for others.’ I have tried to live that creed,” said Kavanaugh, who graduated from Georgetown Preparatory School near Washington, D.C.

“I am part of the vibrant Catholic community in the D.C. area,” Kavanaugh also said. “The members of that community disagree about many things, but we are united in our commitment to serve.”

Kavanaugh also made special mention of Msgr. John Enzler, the president and CEO of Catholic Charities, who attended the announcement at the White House. Kavanaugh noted that he was an altar boy for “Father John” 40 years ago and that they now serve the homeless together through their work at Catholic Charities.

In a phone interview with the Register, Msgr. Enzler said he has long known Kavanaugh to be “a wonderful person who does all he can to make a difference for others.”