“Exploring” at Georgetown


Students who are committed to “exploring” their sexuality and gender have a new living space on campus called Crossroads. Amelia Irvine, a Georgetown University student, wonders why the Catholic university has a new “LGBTQ living space.”

Irvine writes:

“Crossroads” will almost certainly serve as a breeding ground for future Women’s and Gender Studies majors. Not only are students encouraged to take a course with the program, but the adviser for “Crossroads” is a Women’s and Gender Studies professor who focuses on the “intersection of performance, queer, and Africana studies.” One of the goals of “Crossroads” is to engage students in “discussions about the complexities of intersectionality and the importance of allyship.”

Intersectional indoctrination should not be the goal of any university program, much less one at a Catholic and Jesuit school.

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