8 truths that destroy John Oliver’s ignorant rant against pro-Life pregnancy centers


John Oliver plays a comedian on TV. Sometimes he is funny. But he’s always political.

This time he went after pro-life pregnancy centers.

But Abby Johnson took him to task. Abby once ran a Planned Parenthood. But now she’s pro-life. And she offered 8 reasons why John Oliver was totally ignorant of the facts.

3. Pregnancy Care Centers Have Higher Standards Than Planned Parenthood Does

I worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years. I have helped more than 440 abortion industry workers, including seven abortion doctors, leave their jobs since 2012. Many of these have left Planned Parenthood.

So I know well that Planned Parenthood does not use licensed professionals to perform medical procedures, such as ultrasounds or lab tests on patients. It is not even a recommendation in their policies and procedures. However, it is a recommendation from both Heartbeat and Carenet, the two biggest PRC networks in the country, that medical professionals be the ones performing these procedures in pregnancy centers. Women wanting to research health and safety violations of an abortion clinic they’re considering can see www.checkmyclinic.org.