The Equality Trap


Congress has the sole power to declare war. 

And that’s exactly what they’ve done…

Only this time the “enemy” is you and me — and all Christians across America. 

The Democratic House has passed the so-called “Equality Act” 236-173. The bill should be renamed the “War on Christians Act.” The bill is a gift to radical groups hellbent on destroying any person or institution that refuses to surrender to the revolution underway on sexual morality and gender issues. 

While claiming to champion “equality” the bill does nothing of the sort, and explicitly guts religious freedom protections. The bill would make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” equivalent to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin — which are protected from discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

So what’s the problem? 

First and foremost, the “Equality” Act explicitly exempts itself from the requirements and protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act — which was approved with massive bipartisan support in 1993. 

So for example, under the Act..

The federal government would have ultimate control over the hiring and firing of staff in Catholic schools. For example, St. Anne’s Catholic School could be forced to hire a kindergarten teacher who “changed” genders and now identifies as a woman.

Catholic foster and adoption ministries would be shut down because they insist on placing children in homes with a mother and father. 
Boys who decide they are now “female” would be allowed to compete in girls sports… 

And puberty-blocking hormonal treatments on young kids, along with surgical procedures would be deemed necessary and standard health care…

The U.S. Bishops warn: “Under the Equality Act, refusing this type of treatment could be used by states to take children away from their parents, as has already occurred in certain places such as Cincinnati in 2018.” 
This is not hyperbole. 

It’s explicitly how the Equality Act is crafted and designed. 

That’s why U.S. Bishops are totally opposed to the Equality Act.

As they correctly note

“‘LGBT’ people are not subject to systemic discrimination on the scale that has historically warranted the creation of a new federal policy, such as was necessary when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Widespread patterns of segregation or denial of basic goods, services, or opportunities to people who identify as ‘LGBT’ are not evident. On the contrary, ‘LGBT’ people today are often held in high regard in the market, as well as academy, local governments, and media.”

That’s so true.

Remember how much ESPN celebrated Olympian Bruce Jenner when he decided to ‘transition’ to a woman? Walk the streets of any major city. Rainbow flags are displayed everywhere with “pride.” But utter anything about traditional marriage and you will be shunned, accused of bigotry, or worse — destroyed

THE GOAL: The “Equality” Act is designed to be the knockout punch to finally destroy every vestige of liberty when it comes to marriage, gender, children, and the family. For the radical Left, these time-honored truths and institutions are forms of oppression. 

And they want us gone. Forever

Thankfully, the Republican Senate is almost certain to block the bill. But the Democrats and their allies in the media will use it on the campaign trail to paint conscientious Christians as the equivalent of the KKK. And this legislation will be at the top of the Democrats’ agenda in 2020. 

That’s why it’s important for us to let Catholics know the truth about the dangers of the Equality Act. 

The “Equality” Act may be one of the most dangerous bills passed in recent memory. 

We MUST make sure this bill NEVER becomes the law of the land. 

Catholics need to know what just happened. 

And what’s at stake. 

You can count on us to make sure they do. 


P.S. The Equality Act also defines “sex” to include “pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition.” Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, said the term “related medical condition” means “abortion.” Smith cited the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which stated in the case Doe v. C.A.R.S.: “We now hold that the term ‘related medical conditions’ include an abortion.”

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